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Welcome to It’s Yoga Satellite, we are high standard Yoga School, we offer 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Bali and 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Thailand. Our 200Hr programs are accredited by Yoga Alliance. Nearly 500 students around the world have been certified with us.

Bring your practice to a completely new level . Rocket Training in Bali. REGISTRATION ARE OPEN FOR 2020

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Upcoming 200Hr Yoga Teacher Trainings

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It’s Yow to Yoga Satellite Mission

Is our intention to help you to establish a solid self-practice where you can connect with your breath, flow with it through the practice and honor your body capacities and limitations. Have a deeper connection toward your self, will help you to feel, connect and understand your students in a deeper level

Our main Teacher Ricardo Martin is also Vipassana meditation teacher certified, after 7 years of study and practice. They will add mindfulness into the practice in and out of the mat, this will be a very powerful tool that it will allow you to apply what you learn in the mat, out of the mat, in your family, community, work and more, and then the practice will truly impact your life in a very positive way



Upcoming 100Hrs Rocket Teacher Trainings

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It’s Yoga System Worldwide

The It’s Yoga was developed by Larry Schultz in 1989. Since then, the It’s Yoga System has certified more than 5000 students. Its Yoga Satellite have been leading Yoga Teacher Training and Rocket Training since 2011 certifying more than 500 Yoga Teacher. We believe that the quality of a teacher will come from the understanding of the practice itself, base on this we focus in train students to feel their breath deep within as they move, then start to teach will be an organic steep forward

Join us and witness a huge transformation in your body, mind and practice

More about It’s Yoga here www.itsyoga.com  
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Get to know our staff of dedicated teachers eager to share their knowledge and passion for Yoga!

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How to use Bandhas in your handstand practice?

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