How to jump through using your body and your breathing?

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Jumping through is a movement which requires flexibility in the hamstring, hip extensor muscles (muscles on your buttocks) and wrists which depend on the flexibility at the back of the fore arm.

Regarding strength:


Core, hips flexor (Illiopsoas muscles) and shoulders

And the most important thing: it doesn’t matter how impossible the movement looks you need to give it a try, and have fun doing it!


When you attempt to jump through remember

—– exhale—–

1) Bend your legs just enough to keep your hips higher and to be able to use your quadriceps. The moment you lower your legs until your buttocks touch your feet, you will lose the ability to use your quadriceps in an effective way. Imagine you want to jump from a standing position and you squat all the way down, this way the jumping will be way more difficult.

2) Gaze. While bending your knees direct your gaze to the back of your hands. Once your feet leave the floor direct your gaze forward.


3) The moment your feet leave the floor press your knees against your chest. This will help you to round your spine, which is going to allow you to use the actual length of your arms in a more effective way. This will also engage your core automatically (notice that there is no space between the thighs and the chest in Picture 2 & 3)

4) Engage your feet by flexing them and press your shinbones towards each other (Observe feet and shin position in picture 2)

5) Allow your shoulders to move beyond the wrists and lay your body weight fully on your hands. Here what is going to prevent you to fall over and smash against the ground are your fingertips, press them down, especially your index finger and thumb (Notice the angle between shoulders and wrists in picture 2 and 3)


6) this is the part where lots of people get stuck, if your feet touch the ground, keep your position and do your best to hold through by keeping your hands down, it’s ok to breathe as much as your body needs it

7) If you pass through extend your legs

I hope this helps. Feel free to share if you think this information can be useful for others

Thank you very much, Namaste



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