Bali Rocket 100 hrs July- August 2018

Bali Rocket 100 hrs July 2018

Program Description

  • Location: Pondok Pitaya, Bali, Indonesia
  • Start Date: 23 July – 2 August, 2018
  • Duration: 11 Days of Yoga Training.
  • Number of students: Limited 26 Students
  • Deposit of this course: 800 USD. Pay now to reserve your space.
  • Accreditations: It’s Rocket Yoga Training, IYI It’s Yoga International Accredited.
  • Lead Teacher from It’s Yoga International: Ricardo Martin & Kunkanit Phrombut
  • Assistant: Bri Manglapus
  • Special Promotion : 100 USD Discount in extra for It’s Yoga Satellite’s old student.
  • Special Activity Water Fall Trip 1 afternoon
  • Special offer for this course: Free Accommodation & Brunch.

Prices for Sharing Room Air Condition “River Suite” (2 students)

  • Full Price for this course: 2150 USD. Pay before 30 June 2018
  • Early Bird Price for this course: 1950 USD.Pay before 30 May 2018.

Prices for Sharing Room No Air Condition “River House” (4 students)

Available for 4 students only!!!!

  • Full Price for this course: 1950 USD. Pay before 30 June 2018
  • Early Bird Price for this course: 1850 USD.Pay before 30 May 2018.


*Important about this course*

  1. We are welcome students from others schools with a 200hrs Yoga Alliance Certification in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga or Rocket Yoga
  2. We are welcome for those one who ever certifiled 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher to attend this course, you will receive It’s Yoga Certification after complete and cover all requeriment during the program.

The Requirement of student who want to attend this course.

  1. A students who is ready to learn, can commit themselves with 10 days of Training with 10 Hours per day.
  2. A student who have Physical and Mental Health.
  3. A student who have minimum 1 year of constant yoga practice experience
  4. 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training certification supported by Yoga Alliance in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga or Rocket Yoga


Advance Training

This is 100 Hrs Advance Yoga Training called”Rocket” Larry Schultz was created this routines, a series of postures based on a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga primary and intermediate series. The perfect marriage of tempo and sequence. These advanced routines are appropriate for students who have already a year of a committed self- practice.

This vibrant routine is called the “Rocket” because, “it gets you there faster.” The Rocket is designed to wake up the nervous system and feed it the precious prana it craves while promoting a spirit of change and freedom in the practice.

Our intensive trainings are designed to share and breakdown the world famous Rocket Routines. They are physically awakening and mind soothing with enhanced drills, core routines and modifications to support students in deepening their experience with the advanced poses of the Ashtanga System.

The Rocket Routines are shared in detail with the focus on exploring the mechanics of “flying” through your practice and moving with grace and ease through life’s many experiences. A Rocket video stream and Training Manual come as part of the curriculum. These trainings are a great opportunity to put in some hours of practice without distraction and open up to new routines, new ideas and a new way of sequencing your days.

What you will invest for : ROCKET TRAINING

  1. You will set into the mechanical brainwork of the Rocket Series.
  2. This Advance Training, its will make you stronger!
  3. Become a Rocket Yoga Teacher. Earn more money.
  4. Think out of the box. These ground-breaking routines approach the Ashtanga Vinyasa system in an open, progressive, fun and challenging way.
  5. On track for 500 hours with the IYI, It’s Yoga International
  6. Gain a better health with an effective way
  7. Enjoy quality training by the beautiful beach everyday, refresh yourself.
  8. Find more techniques to achieve advance asanas.
  9. Learn how to teach like high standard World Class Teacher.
  10. Life Yoga practice Membership with Its Yoga Satellite. This will allow you too participate in the practice part of future Rocket Yoga training

What you will learn from this course

  1.  How to conduct a Rocket Vinyasa Yoga class in a safe and effective way
  2. Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Sun Salutation style, Floating up
  3. Technique in all the arm balance within the Rocket Vinyasa Yoga System
  4. Back Bending technique.
  5. Technique in all inversions within the Rocket Vinyasa Yoga System
  6. How to open your hips in a safe way
  7. How to flow in all the routines of The Rocket Vinyasa Yoga System
  8. How to adapt the practice to many different levels of experience
  9. How to adjust all the posture within the Rocket Vinyasa Yoga system which are not included in Traditional primary series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
  10. Know how to be a Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
  11. Learn how to set up as suitable Yoga Practice Schedule according to your needs

Start Now! : This is your Training & Holiday

This is an Advance Training only 11 days, its will make you stronger quickly ! Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training will help you develop more self awareness, it will challenge in order to explore all your potential. The atmosphere by the beach and the nature around you will support this process. You will have a great time during this Training. Enjoy Healthy food and having massage at the end of the day. Come and join us for this amazing time in Bali

How To Apply

  1. Fill up the application form.(Click Here to go to the form)
  2. Along with the form submit a picture of your previous 200hrs Yoga Alliance Certification
  3. Pay the Deposit 800 USD. It’s Best to pay through our website! (Payment form at the end of this page)
  4. Receive the conformation letter from It’s Yoga

For More information about our course Outline :

(click here) to Know more about Rocket

Please Contact us:

Ricardo Martin –

Early Bird Promotion: 200 USD Discount from the Full Price for students who make full payment before 30/05/2018

Free Accommodation & Brunch for all students

Share room 2 or 4 persons. Choose the best option for you with AC or without AC

Special Activity : Water Fall Trip 

The Photos of our Training & Location

Your fee includes:

  • Quality 100 hours teacher training course, during 10 days
  • Rocket Sequence and Rocket Manual
  • Rocket 1,2 video stream from It’s Yoga
  • Rocket Yoga Certificate 100 hrs from It’s Yoga International.
  • 2 Yoga Trainer from It’s Yoga, who are E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Certified.
  • 1 Teacher assistant trained by Its Yoga Satellite, Yoga Alliance accredited
  • Outdoor learning on the beach.
  • It’s Yoga certificate, 100 Hours Rocket Training IYI, Its Yoga International Accredited.
  • This course includes accommodation at Pondok Pitaya.
  • This course includes Brunch as complimentary from Pondok Pitaya.
  • Water fall Trip.
  • Free Wi-Fi : 24 hrs at the restaurant.
  • Hot Shower.
  • Swimming pool front beach.
  • Yoga Shala Practice by the beach.
  • Free Drinking Water.
  • Life times membership with It’s Yoga Satellite. We always welcome our students to return to the Rocket training an attend the practice part of the Training for free. The only expenses the students have to take care will be transportation, accommodation and food.

Whats not included:

  • Flights and Transfer.
  • Dinner

Training Daily Program
( time table can change depending on location and external factors)
To know more about the program click this link

Teacher on this course


            Kunkanit Phrombut & Ricardo Martin


        • Payments are processed through Paypal, using your own credit card, no Paypal’s account is required.
        • A 800 $ deposit is required to reserve your spot in the training. This deposit is non-refundable, however can be post-pone to another training or retreat in our program for one year.
        • Last day of full payment, must be completed before 30 June 2018.

Payment method

        1. PAYPAL. No account is needed, just a credit card. Upon confirmation you wish to attend a course, we will invoice you for deposits or payments OR follow the link on the course page.
        2. BANK TRANSFER. All payments are to be net of bank fees and transfers. Please contact us for bank details. Please note transfers make take 7 working days to be completed.

The Transfer Fee most be shouldered by the student.
To save money on fees, we suggest to secure your place instantly by depositing with Paypal, and payment of the balance by bank transfer 10 days prior to the cutoff dates for early bird or final payments.

Take into account:

  • To be able to participate in this course, you need to have a previos 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Education, in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga or Power Yoga supported by Yoga Alliance. BEFORE SUBMIT ANY PAYMENT KINDLY SUBMIT THE APPLICATION FORM ALONG WITH A PICTURE OF YOUR CERTIFICATE
  • A 800 $ deposit is required to reserve your spot in the training, reserve your spot asap our course filling up quickly. This deposit is non-refundable.
  • The rest of the total amount will be discount from your deposit , the full payment will depend on the date of your payment (check out the dates for the Early Bird ), last day of the full payment must be completed before 30 June 2018.

Please make sure you also pay for the transfer fee. Please Check with PayPal or the Bank company of your preference.

Come and join us!

Bring your practice to the next level!!!!!

Develop your practice ,Inspire other.


Make sure you reserve your space, making Payment through Paypal

Bali Rocket 100 hrs July 2018

Payment Option for River Suite 

The display amount included the PayPal´s Transfer fee

No refund on any payment. If you would like to postpone your payment you have to let us know at least 45 days in advance otherwise you will loose your payment 

Rocket YTT River Suite

Payment option for River House 

The display amount included the PayPal´s Transfer fee

No refund on any payment. If you would like to postpone your payment you have to let us know at least 45 days in advance otherwise you will loose your payment 


Rocket YTT River House


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