Bali Yoga Teacher Training July 2015

Bali Yoga Teacher Training July 2015

Program Description


  • Location: Bali, Indonesia @ Pondok Pitaya Hotel for Surf and Yoga.
  • Start Date: 6th-27th July 2015
  • Duration: 22 Days of Yoga Training by the beach.
  • Number of students: Limited at 25 Students only!
  • Full Price for this course: 4250 USD. Pay before 30 June 2015.
  • Early Bird Price for this course: 3850 USD. Pay before 6 June 2015.
  • Deposit of this course: 800 USD. Pay now to reserve your space.
  • Accreditations: It’s 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance Accredited.
  • Lead Teacher from It’s Yoga International: Ricardo Martin & Kunkanit Phrombut
  • Bonus: This course offer free Accommodation & Food (2 meals a day).
  • Bonus Special activity of the course: Handstand Workshop.


Stat Now ! It’s Your Time.

This is a life changing experience ! During 22 days of training you will have a great opportunity to raise your yoga practice to the next level, both physically and mentally. More than just Asana practice, in our course we will guide you through meditation and learn what it takes to be a good Yoga Teacher. Everyday we will go deeper helping you to realize your best qualities.

We take care to ensure the environment is conducive to going within, and will support your focus on learning. You will feel relaxed and fully engaged in the present moment, surrounded by nature. Everyday is an amazing experience to learn, practice and recharge yourself in such a beautiful place.

Make it real ! Become a great yoga teacher.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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How To Apply

    1. Fill up the application form.(Click Here to go to the form)
    2. Pay the Deposit 800 USD.(Payment form at the end of this page)
    3. Receive the conformation letter from It’s Yoga
    4. You are registered! Congratulations!


About It’s Yoga Teacher Training Course.

The 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course was design by Larry Shultz this program supported by Yoga Alliance has certified more than 5000 Yoga Teachers to the world since 1989. The main idea of this training is help you to develop a commited self practice and find your inner voice as a Unique Yoga Instructor.

Learn with Ricardo & Joy is a great way to develop your Self Practice. Both are experience Yoga Teacher who certified nearly 500 Yoga Teacher through the world.

For More information about our course Outline :

(click here) Ashtanga Yoga teacher Training Program Description

About Bali & Pondok Pitaya.

For more information about our locations click here!
Pondok Pitaya is locate at Baliant Beach one of the most secret beach break in Bali, Indonesia is great set up and great environment. Its incredible for Yoga Training and a paradise for surfers. The accommodation is right on the beach full of nature, prana and sunshine. Pondok Pitaya have great staff ready to serve you 24 hours a day, free wifi is available in the restaurant area.

The resort have a beautiful swimming pool and amazing garden, also Balian river is just right in the corner, very nice to chill out and swim. The Masseuse from Pondok offer Balinese Massage in from of the beach or at your room, creating a nice atmosphere in order to feel relaxed.The Restaurant have great cook and always give us an elephant side of food, they are all Delicious Balinese and International Food.

Super Special offer! Free Food &Accommodation + 400 USD Early Bird Discount, For those who make the full payment before 6 June 2015

Special offer : Free Accommodation at Pondok Pitaya Hotel. This special offer is for all student who join this course.

Take a look at some images of our location

Price :

      • The Regular Price of the course : 4250 USD. last day to make the full payment is 30/June/2015.
      • Supper Special Early Bird: 3850 USD. For students who make the full payment before 6/June /2015.

Whats not included:

  • Flights and Transfers

Your fee includes:

  • Quality 200 hours teacher training course, run over 22 days
  • 3 It’s Yoga Ashtanga Manual and chanting CD, Primary series DVD, Its yoga Manuals
  • It’s Yoga certificate, 200 Hours Yoga Alliance accredited
  • Two fully accredited instructors teaching full time, Its yoga Teacher Trainer who has E-RYT from Yoga Alliance.
  • One yoga assistant ,who has experience of Teacher Training and Full time Teaching.
  • Handstand workshop.
  • This course includes accommodation for all students.
    • A very nice room Balinese Style by the beach
    • Free Wi-Fi : 24 hrs
    • Hot Shower
    • Swimming pool
    • Beach Yoga Shala Practice
    • Food, 2 meals per day (Brunch & Dinner)
    • Drinking Water

Teacher on this course

Anatomy and physiology of Yoga

Anatomy and physiology of yoga

Guest Teacher

Yenny Christine

Yenny is a dedicated yoga practitioner who has been practicing for 12 years and teaching for 9 years. She is a certified yoga teacher from, Byron Bay, Australia. She loves all kinds of asanas but back bends always takes a special place at her heart. In this workshop, she will teach all it takes to have a good back bend using tripsichore and contortion techniques and inverted back bends plus Handstand with many variations.

Yoga Workshop in Bali

With Yenny Christine
At Pondok Pitaya Hotel Surf& Yoga.Balian Beach, Bali, Indonesia
25-26 July 2015

1st Topic : Handstand
Start in the afternoon on 25th July this workshop take 3 hours. with 15 mins break.
From 1pm-4.15pm.

2nd Topic: Back Bending
Start in the afternoon on 26th July this workshop take 3 hours. with 15 mins break.
From 1pm-4.15 pm.

  • Price: Only 1 topic – 30 USD
  • Price: 2 topics – 50 USD
  • Limited: Only 30 students for 1 session.

Book now ! contact :

*** Special Bonus, this workshop it’s free for all student who attend YTT,July Bali course with It’s Yoga Satellite program.

The booking will complete when the deposit is complete.

Make the deposit via Bank Transfer or Paypal.

Arvind Pare


Arvind Pare studied Bhagavad-Gita, Yoga Sutras, and many Vedanta text for 14 years, living in Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in USA and India. He is a student of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who is the foremost teacher of Vedanta in the world today. Prior to this, Arvind lived and worked in the USA for 12 years. He has an MBA and a master’s degree in engineering. For the past 2 years he has been teaching Yoga Philosophy in Mysore, India.

Make sure you reserve your space, making Payment through Paypal

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July 6-27th July 2015 at Pondok Pitaya, Bali , Indonesia

The display amount included the PayPal´s Transfer fee
No refund on any payment.

July Bali 200 YTT


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