“I Like the Intensity, the core of the teaching, everything was very interesting, work hard with soft mind.
I don’t know yet what are the transformations but sure I will feel them soon. My Practice of Yoga is totally transformed.
I’m not a Yoga teacher yet, but I will be very soon when the opportunity to teach arise in the real world.

What was the most Challenging? For me English for sure

Thanks you


Haquet Kevin

“My Personal experience is that this training is a well instructed program that as they say from the beginning “don’t worry we will guide you and you will learn steep by steep until the information from practicing it will stay in your body and mind” I will come again for sure for The Rocket program.

I like the way of training now everyone feels save and free to do what they wanted. Also I like how well the teachers know everything about pain in our bodies and how to manage it

I did see a transformation in my body and mind my upper body strength has grown up and my mind is a bit more concentrating during practice.

I feel ready as a Yoga teacher, ready to learn about Yoga and bring this knowledge to more people. Probably the most challenging part was keep going when I was tire, specially the first three days and Sundays, after the day off.

Thanks you teachers for being there to hear, adjust abd teach whatever was necessary. The motivation you show everyday, was the most motivating part of my journey in this training


Estefania Zamora

“The Teacher Training was Full of deep understanding about the body and asana and how to practice in a proper way. When you have a good foundation you will be able to teach to others the right approach.
This Training also gave me new experience with an International Yoga Community =)

Duangkaew (Por)

“The Training has really helped me to connect to my personal Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practice. There is always so much more to learn and I feel so blessed to be able to spend the last 3 weeks immersed in Yoga =)”

Megan Collier

“Today was the last day in the Yoga Teacher Training course & I had a great experience, excellent teachers & friendly people.
The first week was hard for me, because I was practicing in a different way, then things started to get better from the second week onwards.
I was able to do new asanas that I hadn’t been able to do it before also my practice was improved.
What was the challenging? Was doing my practice with a shoulder injury that I have
I’ve learnt new things & new techniques.
So I’m glad that I experience this great journey =)

Thanks you all”

Nour Ashraf
From Egypt

“These 24 days of training was not just about gaining physical strength and awareness but being more mentally in tune and aware. This experience allowed me to discover a deep meaning as to why I love Ashtanga and why I do it. Challenges will always be there to face you but I learned here that it’s how you take them on is what really matters.
One of the best experience of my life and from here, I cannot wait to share my knowledge and deepen my own practice.

Grateful to Joy & Ricardo for their knowledge, kindness and amazing energy”

Eina Garrido

“A life changing experience. A journey of self- discovery from start to finish. I’ve learned so much about myself through this course, from the physical challenge in my practice which got stronger each day, to the emotional, mental challenge or discoveries about myself and learning to love the ups and downs and accept me for me. The Training was outstanding, from the theory which was perfectly, detailed and relevant, to the physical practice in which I learned so much, and every practice become stronger and better. I now feel confident as a Yoga teacher that I have the complete understanding of the asanas that I can teach knowledgeable and in a safe way to my students.

I saw a big change in myself and learned to let go and be more present in the moment and patient”

Melissa Byrne

“When my taxi arrived to Balian Beach for Yoga Training, I had no expectations whatsoever. What I did have was a lot of fear! Was I a good Yogi to teach? I can’t even do some of the asanas in the Primary Series Yet, who will want to learn from me? How wrong I was! These three weeks taught me that yoga practice is deeply personal, and that having a six- pack or doing crazy inversions have nothing to do with your connection to your practice and yourself (although six- packs are nice)
Thanks to Joy and Ricardo (and Russelle and Bry =)) my practice had an amazing transformation, but I think it was mainly an internal transformation. I thought I would go home with a certification to teach Yoga and maybe a toned belly, willingness to stand on my mat every day and look inside my self though yoga Practice. I am happy and grateful with what I have. I had forgotten that Yoga is about finding peace within chaos and I can’t wait to teach. Remain these yogis everywhere.

Thanks to Joy and Ricardo”

Isabel D’Eila

“It’s was an amazing one- of- a- kind Teacher Training Experience. I like how amazing our Teacher were, how multi- cultured the environment is, how amazing the program is, we had MPS, Full Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and the exciting Rocket series. They also included Acro-Yoga, massage, pranayama and ancient cleansing Techniques

I honestly came here just to be stronger, perfect some of my asanas and become a Yoga Teacher, but the deeper understanding of what yoga is made me think, that I also want to develop how I can share this passion for Yoga to other people, it also made me step back and give attention to my breathing.

I feel liberated as a Yoga teacher, I think I can share this energy and passion on and off the class. The most challenging for me, is myself. I think I need to remove my doubts, be fearless and DO”

Bryan Seno

“I took the course not really wanting to expect anything. But I am coming out of the training with so much knowledge not only in the postures but about breathing, meditation, philosophy and more importantly in the application of Yoga in my daily life.

Joy & Ricardo are so knowledgeable in almost everything and they are very helpful”

Beth Ong

“Joy and Ricardo are fantastic tecahers!
I have learned so much from them and they have reignited my passion for Yoga. The Training is intense physically and mentally but worth in the end. Throughout the days I could feel the changes happening and I look forward to seeing how my practice develops.

Thanks You!”

Amanda Graci

“Joy and Ricardo were really inspiring teachers. They motivated the group so much to challenge themselves beyond expectations.
Their approach was thoughtful and practical. I highly recommend training the Rocket 100hrs course with these two amazing people”

Ben Gould

Macarena Galleguillos Hart

“Mi experiencia personal del curso se resume en una palabra… transformación. Al comienzo no sabía porque estaba acá, y a medida que los días fueron pasando, me encontré en un viaje hacia mimisma que resultaba ser aveces placentero, aveces doloroso, insoportable, amoroso y todos lo etados de ánimo que se puedan imaginar!! Fui viendo mi ser como nunca y abrazando todos los aspectos de los cuales estoy constituida y trabajando con mis miedos más profundos, enraizados en mi manera de actuar…!! Y solo hacienda posturas de Yoga, nunca en mi vida me permití un espacio como este, ni imagine que existiera, ni que podía suceder… lo que más me gusto del curso fue esta obesrvación interna, como testigo, y la paz y armonía que trae poder ver como va cambiando el estado de ánimo. Los profesores también enseñán a través de su expereincia y permiten que cada uno alcance lo major de si a través de situaciones y herramientas que ellos mismos imparten. Siento que este es el despartar y el comienzo de un largo camino, que se abre ante mis ojos para ser explorado con maxima humildad, plenitude, gozo y sobre todo coraje. Lo más retador fue calmar mi mente durante las prácticas, estoy feliz, aquí y ahora… sigo respirando.


Macarena Galleguillos Hart

Rei Yamamura

“The Course was 22 days, thought very long journey at first, but went so fast!!!
I been practicing, studying Yoga for almost 10 years, but attending the 200Hr was very very interesting. A lot of info was easy to understand with no stress.
My Ashtanga Vinyasa practice became deeper, not just physically mentally also, it’s Directed me to think more about life, the way of the nature and how my life should be, and off course “how to be happy”
Becoming a Yoga teacher like Joy and Ricardo is a role model. “Need to focus” and “challenge in a positive way” is what I need to be focus now.
The most Challenging in the course was controlling my food intake, cause is too delicious and tried to diet, but didn’t work out, haha.”

Rei Yamamura


“The series of practice in the morning really trained my body, some asanas like forearm, headstand and handstand I can do better (with the help of a friend).
The classes helped me to know the important of the bandhas and breath and how to use them to hold and control the postures for longer time and with better alignment.
I step out of my comfort zone, I gained lot of Yoga knowledge and great amount of Sanskrit names… really hard but still fun.
I also learnt how to support my friends during the practice, you can know more about the posture when you watch and assist your friends during the yoga sequence.
Last, the hardest part for me was learning how to teach, however after the training finished I feel much better.”


Aylin Rojo

“Cuando comense el primer día del curso, tenía practicando únicamente como una semana, en algún momento pensé que no sería capaz de completar el Yoga Teacher Training. A los poco días me empecé a dar cuenta de lo complete del curso, del conocimiento y de la auto-obersvación. Es fuerte como puedes conectar tu mente y tu cuerpo, lo había experimentado pero esto fue heavy!. También existía ocasiones en las cuales me frustraba un poco por la barrera del idioma, pero con los días fue más llevadero.
Ahora tengo major entendimiento de la práctica y posturas.
Gracias son muy Buenos maestros, espero volver a encontrarlos ”

Aylin Rojo

Sara Maria Woody

“I never new that I was capable of so much discipline, so much strength and so much self love. Throughout my Yoga Training I committed myself to growing everyday and I did. Physically I have noticed myself getting stronger in every posture and I now look forward to Chaturanga. Mentally- even when I didn´t want to get on the mat, I would. Every time I got to Savasana I was proud of myself for being throughout the practice. I´ve learned so much about Yoga philosophy, anatomy and practice- I feel confident in myself and so proud. Now that I have made it through the training- I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. It has been a journey and doing this training such inspiring individuals has changed my life forever.

The most challenging part is getting on the mat when you are fired/ sore, but that is also the most rewarding. I feel like a claimed a mountain and becoming a Yoga Teacher makes me say WAHOO. I am excited to share this amazing practice with the world.”

Sara Maria Woody

Ana Belen Izquierdo Puertas

“Personalmente ha sido muy beneficioso para mi práctica, me ha dado mucho más conocimientos de todo tipo. Me ha gustado mucho el grupo y todo lo que se ha compartido.
Lo más complicado ha sido la práctica de Rocket, y el esfuerzo físico que requiere. Quiero agradecer a todos los que han ayudado ofreciéndome sus conocimientos.

Gracias, Un placer.”

Ana Belén Izquirdo Puertas

Kristina Vidic

“Really enjoyed learning and observe myself throghout transformation, The most challenging is switching from being just practitioner to be a Yoga Teacher.
Can’t wait to go out and see from outside (when finish) what and how I really Transformed. For now It Feels Amazing.”

Kristina Vidic

Nattipong Suparonporn

“What I enjoyed the most is the self- practice, the knowledge about asanas, anatomy and philosophy as Wheel.

The most challenging part for me was how to make the class efective and fun at the same time.”

Nattipong Suparonporn

Fiona Elizabeth Reid

“My journey in Thailand with Its Yoga Satellite was inspirational, rewarding and lot of fun. The teaching was excellent the group was amazing and I feel that I have growth both inside and out. My Yoga knowledge has improved, my body is stronger and my mind is free. I loved doing Yoga every day in Paradise and I can’t wait to start teaching

Namaste ”

Fiona Elizabeth Reid

Juno Fitzpatrick

“Its Yoga Satellite’s structure of the 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Course grounds students in their self practice, allowing us to feel how our improved understanding of the postures, their sequencing and counter postures greatly improvise our self practice and subsequent ability to communicate the Modified Primary Series as teachers.

The courses emphasised the importance of the asana or physical movement within the 8 limbs of Ashtanga, communicating the modified primary sequence as a moving meditation. As a student, this enabled me to understand the connection between movement, breath, gaze and energy locks within the body.

Back bending and inversions workshops were a fantastic opportunity to break down more advance postures as a student and teacher. Learning daily exercise to build strength in our shoulders, core, chest and legs drew attention to the connectivity of the body. I now feel well equipped to offer modifications for more complex or advanced postures when teaching. 

Daily meditation practice was a new experience for me. Joy and Ricardo’s emphasis on the importance of the meditative practice spoke to the essence of yoga- to restrain the modifications or wandering of the mind. The opportunity to try different meditative techniques was a highlight as it gave us the opportunity to realise that, when focussed, everything we experience is an opportunity to learn and reflect. Philosophy lectures on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali was a theoretical and historical approach support to our meditation practice.

High energy Rocket classes was a fun and challenging element of the course. It really fired up my desire to strengthen my practice and aim to apply for the advanced rocket training in years to come.

Balian was a beautiful backdrop away from hectic parts of Bali. Fun swell, consistent waves, fresh coconuts and mellow evening was a bubble of paradise for a group of dedicated yogis and yogis.

It would be great if you were able to link me up with Asta Yoga or your friends in San Francisco.

Thank you Joy and Ricardo- see you on the next journey around the sun.

Much love, ”

Juno Fitzpatrick, United States

Sima Kanan

“I started the course with no expectations whatsoever other than to get a better understanding of the foundations of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. After three weeks I not only feel more confident in my own practice, I also feel that I can go back home and happily teach what I have learnt, in the knowledge that Joy & Ricardo have gave to me, the practice and the theory skills required to deliver a solid, safe and fun Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class. The course was very intense, however Joy & Ricardo took the time to understand each of us and worked hard to help us exceed our potential. This have been one of the most positive, fulfilling experience.

Sima Kanan, United States

Ferial Ferdous Shah

“The Teacher Training was amazing. I felt supported through out the course. And all my question have been answered with great knowledge and compassion according to the process the student was going through. Thank you for a powerful learning experience.”

Ferial Ferdous Shah, London

Pilar Angela Paraiso

“This Training has helped me become stronger physically and mentally. I couldn’t even do half of the tripod headstand before, and thanks to Joy & Ricardo, I am not only can do that but inversions as well!

They also helped me understand more about yoga and made me fall even more in love with it. Looking forward to train with them again- Hopefully Rocket Training!”

Pilar Angela Paraiso, Philippines

Lamia Najjar

“I am very happy with all the knowledge that the teachers shared with us, all the thing I expected from this Yoga Teacher Training.
It was hard to handle the emotional side, and hard to handle some changes in my body (reactions), it was a great experience, I was able to see who I am, there will be things I need to work on, my practice is one of them.

Thanks so much Joy, Ricardo, Bri and a specia one to Roberto, This Training was a big steep for me, I couldn’t imagine my self learning as many things about my self in three weeks.

Love to you all”

Lamia Najjar, France

Kelsey Goodwin

“It was a life goal of mine to be able to teach yoga and go through a Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga has been a part of my life for 5 years, and thus I thought it had transformed me already, until I came here. I had no idea what to expect, or how to prepare my mind. In the beginning, it has mentally and physically challenging, when I thought I was very good at yoga before, I didn’t think so then! However, Joy and Ricardo guided us through new practices, taught us how to think, move and most importantly how to be strong and find your inner self. My transformation here was incredible, and one that will come with me for the rest of my life. My body has become healthier and strong. When I first got here I could barely make it through the full Primary Series, and by the end my body craved these practices, and muscle memory of Joy and Ricardo adjustments and pose teaching have improved my practice tremendously. Not only this, but my mentality transformed as well. I used to think there was no way I could get up in front of a class for an hour to teach yoga, but here we went to a bunch of different exercises until it added up. When it was time to teach for and hour I felt so natural and it felt right. What I loved the most, was the people, support and friendship I gained here. The people I’ve met, and our instructors, have changed how I view myself and the world around me in the best possible way. Allow others to be themselves, and then you in turn can be fully yourself. This Teacher Training taught me much more than how to teach a Yoga Class, and will change the way I live my life!”

Kelsey Goodwin

Laura Furman

“At the Teacher Training I developed a foundation for a strong personal practice and learned how to lead students of all different abilities and levels of experience through the essentials of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Joy and Ricardo helped us truly to understand and practice the connection between breathing and movement.”

Laura Furman, United State

Renate Ayman Ayoub

“I Personally enjoyed the training so much, because I’ve learnt a lot that no matter how many videos I watch or books I read I wouldn’t be able to pick up.

What I liked the most was the addition of the Yoga Philosophy class with Arvin. It helped learn a lot about what yoga is rather than a physical practice. Arvin has a great personality an has his ways of speech to make young people like me want to listen him.

The most transformation that I witness is in the physical transformation & practice. Combining the asanas with breathing techniques. Inside me is hard to tell now how I’ve transformed, maybe when I’m back to my home town and living my daily life, I will see how did I transform.

It feels awesome, I honestly don’t want to open a Yoga Studio and make business. I wanna share my practice for free with people. I’ll start with friends, then who knows what will follow next.

The most challenging was time, I think if the course is a week longer, It would help release the physical pain and the mind will be more ease.”

Renate Ayman Ayoub, Egypt

Farida Abou El Dahad

“When I first came here I really didn’t know what to expect. After the first week I felt like I’ve learnt so much already and was so motivated to keep learning. I love how you guys pushed each and everyone of us to not only improve the asana practice but also get th chance to look within and get to know ourselves better.

It definitely wasn’t easy, specially the end of the second week and the beginning of third. This was the peak for me. Mentally and Physically. But it was worth it. Thanks for everything.
I’m proud to be part of It’s Yoga.

Namaste xx”

Farida Abou El Dahad, Egypt

Karen Chon

“YTT program was very intensive and challenging but I really enjoyed every minute of it. It’s incredible but I improved my practice more during the 21 days with you guys than I did in the past 3 years of attending group classes. Really appreciate your energy and attention over the past 3 weeks. I recently took some classes at yoga barn and it didn’t take long to realize that I Knew almost everything I needed to know to be a great practitioner and teacher! It was such an amazing feeling! Thank you! 🙂

My favorite part was learning about all the asanas in great detail and why we do all the poses we do in that particular sequence then teaching it back to the group. Challenging part was trying to absorb everything so quickly and then being put on the spot to teach it to others. It forced everyone to totally get out of the comfort zone and pushing to be our best self ( to constantly improve) while being present to each moment”

Karen Chon

Michelle Corbey

“This courses been the most insightful experience of my life so far. I came with a regular/dedicated self practice, having done Ashtanga for the past 2 years and I will admit I wondered before coming what the course would bring to my practice? I brought me more than I can put words to. But I will try anyway 🙂 It has made my practice flow while really understanding the benefits of letting go expectations and though and feeling on my own body – to then see the change. Joy and Ricardo’s in-depth knowledge of not only anatomy; how the individual body moves but also what I as a practitioner need to proceed with my self development. And their own journey and self practice is so strong, admirable and inspiring. I can only encourage people to come and practice and learn from Joy and Ricardo, whatever your level of experience. They have something to offer all and we to them. I do also recommend any student joining to have a bit of self practice experience and knowledge of ashtanga – not that you will not get it from the course, but because I found that you get even more benefit and traction on your own yoga immersion when you from day one can start tapping in their ocean of knowledge.
Will miss them when back home and also the group of lovely fellow student yogi and yoginis. I know I have found some friends for life here. People who shared and spired my way of thinking. You will learn to feel your body and find your limits here and when tired and sore in the middle of it, remember “pain is just weakness leaving the body” 🙂 ”

Michelle Corbey, Denmark


“Training with Joy and Ricardo was challenging and immensely rewarding! They take you down to the basics so you have a solid foundation for the rest of your practice and never stop encouraging you to try new things or to do your best! I cannot thank them enough for what they have taught me so far, and I cannot wait to put it all together in my practice back home. ”

Roxanne, Canada

Agnes Tassy

“The 200 HR YTT was a very intense 2 weeks that combined lots of physical exercise and many many hours of knowledge sharing. The training had a good balance between the theoretical/physical/spiritual subjects. Teachers were always well prepared, no time was wasted. There was a good variation between the long working days, we had a lot of fun while working hard.
I have become better at performing all 3 elements of AVY; the postures, the breathing and dristhi. My knowledge of the history of yoga, the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga has increased considerably. I made good progress with meditation and tried different forms of it.
I have learned much about how to explain building postures to other people and how to adjust them. ”

Agnes Tassy, Hungary

Jerry Tu

“I had close to zero experience in yoga before attending this teacher training. With the intention to be able to develop a self practice when completed, I was delighted to have gained so much more. Not only did I depend my yoga knowledge, but also increased confidence speaking to and leading a group. What I gained is useful in many aspects of life besides asana practice.”

Jerry Tu, Taiwan/California

Peeraya Krit

“I am glad I that I took the decision to do this course. The training gave so much of knowledge not just about asanas. I have learnt that everyone has different abilities, so to get to know your foundation the best way is to start with yoga. This is just the beginning, but keep practising and all is coming!!! The teachers have been supporting in many way during the course. ”

Peeraya Krit

Hannah Fitz Nooney

“The It’s Yoga Satellite 200 HR Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training with Joy & Ricardo was a challenging and fulfilling experience. The location Pondik Pitaya Hotel at Balian Beach was wonderful. Lovely rooms, friendly staff and gorgeous grands right on a very consistent surf break will make any surfing yoga very happy! The training itself is rigorous and will give you a very strong foundation should you choose to pursue a career as a yoga teacher. I also recommend it to anyone who wants to strengthen or develop their own self practice. Joy and Ricardo carillon about their students and you will be very well taken care of :)”

Hannah Nooney, California

Anne Kluit

“The last 3 weeks have been an amazing experience. Ricardo and Joy have taught us so much about Ashtanga Yoga; the daily self practice, explaining techniques around asanas, meditation, breathing exercises and of course teaching. They knew exactly how to reach us and build up the program. It was tough but we had so much fun! From now on yoga is part of my life and Joy, Ricardo, Derik and Bri made me feel confident enough to start teaching. I would recommend this training to everyone who is interested. On top of it all, the training was held at a dream location in Bali – what else could you want?”

Anne Kluit, The Netherlands

Czarina Chan

“This training had me really understanding what “Yoga” is. It is definitely not a physical exercise, but a lifetime philosophy of “self” and finding peace within myself.
I like the emphasis of “Be Patience” with ourselves constantly reminding ourselves to go within us to continue and push through.
It has been a transformation, kindling the craving to understand and study more about yoga. And through meditation I feel much more calm and peaceful. Finishing the course and getting my certificate leaves me excited and a little nervous. But definitely feeling optimistic and confident that I have the skills and ability to spread the gospel that is ‘yoga’. I have to make sure to keep practising and staying connected with myself. The Bandha connection still needs to be strengthened to improve my practicing with awareness and lightness.”

Czarina Chan, Hong Kong

Julia Journeé

“I have to admit that the training is really challenging; physically and mentally. I thought I would not succeed but Joy and Ricardo really know how to keep you motivated and your inner strength. I suffer from a severe back problem – always a bit scared of adjustments but I felt totally comfortable with both Joy and Ricardo (not forgetting Derik too :)). I could practice with trust. I really loved the way Joy and Ricardo teach, we had a lot of fun and I am deeply grateful for the change they have brought to my practice – but also in my mind.”

Julia Jourleé, France


“ This Yoga Teacher Training is not my first one but this is the best one that I did. I love the way the teachers taught Kru Joy and Kru Ricardo. They gave good knowledge from their experience and practice. And they showed us how much they care about us and never leave any student behind.

I got many thing from this training and I understand more clear what yoga is, and also very important I was able to understand and improve my practice. The knowledge I got is very good and useful.

The Its Yoga Teacher Training show us that if we want to be a good yoga teacher then we have to teach from our heart and I saw that quality from them.

I will keep practice and I hope that I can be a good Yoga teacher. It’s not that easy. But I will do it with all my heart…. =)

Thanks very much for everything to be very good with us and very lovely Kru Joy and Kru Ricardo”

Pichamon Engel and Tobias Engel


“Wonderful experience, totally life changing. Joy and Ricardo support and guide me beautifully, to places I never thought I could reach.

The knowledge and support give by Joy and Ricardo has completely revitalized my asana practice and made me feel totally ready to teach

Thanks you ”

Cerys J


“I felt the program was well set out and the manuals provided were easy to use and practice with. I learnt a lot and more that what I expected too. The most challenging for me was to accept what my body could do or what my mind thought it could not do. Remembering to stay in the present and not scape this experience.

The dedication of the teachers support me and now I can bring the yoga practice back home and growth from there.”

Skye Wilson


“I really liked this course; I was able to organize some things that I need. I liked the way the teachers Joy and Ricardo, made me feel clear in my mind, and made me realize about my weakness.

I Felt a deep transformation within me, I felt more clear and happy to recognize my power and my unique way to teach, also I realized that I need to continue working in how to teach and continue the training by myself. I feel the beauty and lightness of bringing to practice with me and share it with people. Being a Yoga teacher is lot of responsibility.

The most difficult for me was the new schedule, and memorize the sequence.

Thanks for everything”

Karla Ramirez


“ Thanks so much Joy and Ricardo!
The daily training with you, got his own significance in the last three weeks. We all learned so much of our life, body anatomy and all the connections in the inner and outer life.

I enjoy everyday the practice, the benefits of the movements and the energy around us all as a class with a common goal.
To have a look of all these information and observing myself- I think, I found a lost part of me that makes me more than happy! It is a great feeling to create a new profession with all these knowledge, but I realized that the way to be and to become a gentle, good Yoga Teacher, is long and I’m on the start line…

The most challenging was, to build the bridge to my heart, to stay everyday with knee, lower back pain on top of the mat, and to practice the 8 limbs/ part of it… But when you practice- All will come…

Viola + special thanks to Hannah”

Viola Hermann


“ This training is brilliant designed to transform, its students into teachers. I feel so prepared to teach a class + confident with my voice and knowledge to guide others. I’ve discovered a new type of “Yoga high”- one which comes from teaching. The transformation I witnessed within myself is confidence and how powerful my inner teacher is. Joy and Ricardo + Hannah are so knowledgeable supportive + fun. I feel like I got more that what I asked for. The experience was perfect!”

Miranda Carr


“I loved te sensation of been in a “ocean of knowledge” and swim, go deep in it. Feeling completely amazed by the beauty of each drop of water, and being not sacred at all.

I started to recognize the knowledge I had and the one I was getting in. Modifying sometimes the old Knowledge but other times adding information. I experienced very deep change with lot of mindfulness. Also my body finally open it by practice. Specially my core muscles and felt more awake in my mind. I have lees anger and more energy.

At the moment I don’t feel anything particular. I still feel like a person who wants to learn and know more. Teaching can be a side effect of the knowledge I have or will have. But I feel ready to teach. I completely trust myself.

I have to say that looks back now, I have less desire now and things came to me effortless. But something hard was to see that some people where in a completely different commitment to Yoga, and the present. And the way they waste their time here, sometimes hurt me. But that was my ego. We are all different and I have to accept that everybody is different.”

Roberto Gómez Luque


“I think this Teacher Training is very worthy. 22 days here gave me many experience and strengthen both in my mental and physical. This Training opened the whole new world of yoga to me. Also, it gave me the connection/ awareness to myself. I love the way the training is structured- steep by steep and finally I can accomplish my goal.

This training gave a lot of knowledge both in theory and practice. Which ensure that I have what I need as a Yoga Teacher, Kru Joy and Kru Ricardo are such a great teachers, they are more than 100% gave us and teach by heart.

The most challenging with this course is to adapt myself to a new place & environment. The rest, I just go with the flow, be at the present moment.

Nachayada Yaturapatporn


“I have had a fantastic experience on the course. I have seen a transformation in my focus and concentration through the skills taught to me by Ricardo & Joy.

The personal practice is something I can take with me to deepen my practice and I feel like I am equipped and prepared with the correct knowledge to share with others

Thanks for this experience

Lucy Ingle


“ Me encantó la serenidad y organización del curso, que todos pudiéramos, participar opinar y compartir como amigos, la confianza que nos dieron y la motivación. Me enamoré de esta práctica y de todo lo que me mostró, no solo en la parte física, algo muy profundo despertó en mi como ser. Ahora me siento responsable de poder compartir esta práctica sabiendo y sintiendo que todas las personas pueden participar.

Lo más fuerte para mí fue reconocerme fuera del cuerpo, no fue fácil, pero me encantó. Lo tomo como una terapia para conmigo mismo, esto apenas es el comienzo de un largo camino de aprendizaje.

Namaste ”

Lina (Libélula del Mar)


“ Al curso venía abierta y traté de no poner muchas expectativas. Aunque venía cargada de miedos e inseguridades.

El curso me regalo y aprendí mucho más de lo que podría haber imaginado, no solo del curso sino también todo el grupo, y la vida en general.

Aprender de esta filosofía, de esta práctica, fue más que un regalo, para mi fue una puerta que quiero dejar abierta y explorar.

Siento que aprendí mucho de mi misma, de mi cuerpo, de mi interior, de mi búsqueda.

Gracias por enseñar con tanta pasión, porque no solo poseen un buen conocimiento sino saben como aplicarlo y explicarlo. Gracias por enseñar con el corazón y que lo más importante es lo que uno es por dentro. Los dos hacen un complemento perfecto; y eso se ve y se siente cuando enseñan, uno potencia y apoya las enseñanzas del otro.

El curso fue muy movilizador desde el interior, descubriendo, creando cambios. El curso despertó en mi la motivación de tomar el yoga con todo lo que implica para mi vida, y como herramienta en mi búsqueda personal.

El desafío de ser profesora, puedo verlo más claro y más real ahora. Si bien quizás me lleve muchos años de práctica primero, se que puedo ayudar a mucha gente gracias a la practica del yoga, empezando por la gente que me rodea. Ahora puedo visualizarme enseñando.

Gracias y mil Gracias!!!!!”

Laura Zoldano


“ Viaje emocional, experiencia enriquecedora, hermosa, he podido sentir mis emociones quitándome todos los prejuicios, he experimentado como mi cuerpo y mi mente se flexibiliza, emociones que despiertan durante las posturas, energía fluyendo y desbloqueando el cuerpo en su totalidad, amor hacia mi mismo y el universo entero.

Ahora siento que debo hacer algo con mi felicidad y de todo lo que he vivido

Me enamoré de la técnica y espero pueda transmitir este sentimiento a muchas personas.


David Farfán Vivar


“I am very happy to take part in Its Yoga Teacher Training program with Joy and Ricardo. I started to practice yoga about six years ago, Joy was my first yoga teacher, who has laid a good foundation and alignment for me ever since. I always thought that if one day I am welling to take a course on Teacher Training, I would like to study with Joy and Ricardo. Today my wish has been realized. Both Joy an Ricardo have a special way to imparting their knowledge and teaching experience, in making the theory and practical aspect of Ashtanga Yoga easy to understand. This Teacher Training Program has transformed my body and mind. It has made me more grounded and connected to my practice in discover my inner potential as well as live in the present moment. I have also learned that a dedicated self-practice can help to improve your practice.

It is fulfilling experience to be a yoga teacher, whose happiness is bringing out the best in each person and encourage people to take care of their own health. The most challenging is to maintain the passion for the practice. It is very true that understand your practice will help you to be a better teacher. And this is only the beginning of my journey to become a good yoga teacher. ”

Pinsuda Jayanama


“ During this training I learned to accept myself more and listen to my body at the same time as pushing it to the limit. I learned that if something hurts it doesn’t mean don’t do the entire practice, just that I modify it a bit more.

It has been a pleasure to learn what yoga is about really and how to challenge myself better from such warm, positive and knowledgeable instructors- Joy and Ricardo. Even though I still can not do lot of the posses, I learned the necessary skills and gain the needed knowledge to get me there later. I would recommend train with Joy and Ricardo as they know what are they doing!”

Anna L.


“ Now I feel like a teacher. Joy & Ricardo model the yogic life & love of practice on and off the mat =)

The content was intense & purposeful, presented incrementally to link one lesson with the next.

Teaching method were varied, reading, writing, sharing, demonstrating and the real key hands on teaching for long days 2 and 3 practices a day!

If you want to find the teacher within and coax them out- do this training, you will learn, laugh, cry, your body will survive & your spirit will glow!

Thanks you”

Russel Beardon


“I have had a wonderful 24 days of training with Its Yoga Satellite. Before I started, I was worried, might not be good enough or not be able to keep up, but Joy and Ricardo never made me feel pressure or anxiety about any of this in fact the opposite, as they direct my attention towards me, help me to accept me and always challenging me to go deeper. And so relaxed and accepted, over time I went deeper! for me, the first few days were the most challenging- recovering from a cold, adjusting to a new place+ a very busy schedule!, but by the second week, I didn’t want it to end!

I now feel really happy+ healthy+ fit and can see the effects on my physical body, my posture is better, my muscles more toned, shoulders are squarer and waist slimmer! But even better, it’s been a really inspiring time and I feel motivated & encouraged to pursue my dreams- on+ out of the mat!

Thanks you Joy & Ricardo for being kind, generous, humble and inspiring.”

Jacqueline Loftus-Hills


“I Did Like everything

I am all transformed! Thanks you. It feels good. I wish to continue learning and take more time to teach my self, first I need to take some time to allow my shoulder to heal, from an old tension.

The most challenging part was do it in English.

People and teacher in the course was amazing. The course change my life and I will do it again. I will never forget the 3 of you! Don’t change =)”

Charline Tarraborrelli


“Este YTT fue una experiencia increible, que me enseno a conectar con mi mente y mis pensamientos. Yoga para mi a traves este viaje la sido dejarme llevar y vivir el presente, dejando de lado laansiedad que el futuro nos provoca. La mayor transformacion que he experimentado es dejar lado mis miedos y apiensiones, superando los obstaiculos que la mente y nuestros pensamientos nos provocan. Solo dejante lleavar y disfruta del presente! No hay nadad mas que el aqui y ahora.”
Ignacia Vasquez,
August 200hr YTT



“Honestly, I have to say I wasn’t sure what to expect. Yes, this training was tough, but the knowledge and experience you come out with are worth it. The atmosphere and people are simply amazing. It just isn’t possible to not come out a better person when all is said and done”
Elizabeth Gaschler,
August 200hr YTT



“I would like to thank Joy and Ricardo for the support and guidance during the 22 days of the 200hr YTT. It was an incredible experience to learn and understand about Yoga and most importantly, about myself during this time. Also to bring awareness to yourself and improve your own practice. It was a great time to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world and to share the experience and practice. I have learned a lot and am now ready for my next journey.”
Ljuba Sossnowski,
August 200hr YTT



“I really enjoyed the training in a lot of ways. There was so much to learn but the style of teaching and practice made it fun but not too challenging. I feel more energized, lighter, cleaner. Being a Yoga teacher is great! I can’t wait to share the gifts I’ve been given in this course. Thank you! The most challenging part was all the physical practice in such a short amount of time but I liked the challenge.”
Jon Stein,
August 200hr YTT


“This was one of the best thing I have ever done for myself. The amount that I have learned about not only Yoga but myself, and life in general is incredible. There were definitely challenges, both physical and mental, but in the end I have come out much more in tune with myself and what I want from life. My favorite things were probably learning to live in the moment and how to truly love myself. The coconuts were pretty awesome, too 🙂 “
Jacqueline Erickson,
August 200hr YTT


“I really like (love) training with Joy, Ricardo, and Hannah. I’m sure I’ll be back for Rocket and tell my friends to join as well 🙂 The way you teach, all the knowledge that you gave us was amazing! I promise that I’ll push myself to practice more than before. No matter what, Yoga will be with no matter where I go. The feeling of being a Yoga teacher is amazing because I know a lot of Yoga right now. However, after training, I know I will keep learning. How did I practice 3 times a day? haha. I love It’s Yoga!”

Sudaporn Thongpua (Lexi) ,
August 200hr YTT


“We all had a great and challenging time. I’m so grateful I chose to be a part of this training. So many fantastic people I would have missed to meet and so many necessary experiences I wouldn’t have gained as well. Joy, Ricardo, and Hannah are great teachers willing to share all their knowledge and wisdom they have gained through their own practice. During the training I witnessed a lot of boundaries within myself and I learned to let go and accept the present moment, don’t judge myself, and just be here. Although I learned a lot in this 200hr program, 200hr programs can’t teach you what your own practice can teach you. That’s one of the things I truly realized through this training. Practice, practice, practice, and all is coming. Thank you!”

Nikolaus Dengler,
August 200hr YTT


“It seems to me that the things I hoped would be achieved at Its Yoga have been. I wanted to deepen my personal practice and through the Modify Primary series (MPS), pranayama and even Nauli Kriya I have. I have no doubt that I will continue the routine at home.

I also wanted to have the skill and confidence to teach yoga. I am not ready to teach in a studio but I am confident that I can begin with friends and family and grow from that point.

I hoped that there would be a sense of community; I am amazed by the depth of friendships that have been made. People with truly international background has added a layer of depth and interest that I did not anticipate.

Finally the instructors- Ricardo, Joy, Hannah and Bry, are top noth. Each bring a specialized skill- supporting, instructing, prodding and caring- that has made it possible for each of us to be successful

It has been an amazing adventure”

Jane A. Krepp,
July Bali 200hr YTT



“The training provided me with the basic information and thorough physical training to continue to develop my personal yoga practice, and to share my discoveries with my future students”

Alice Sladek,
July Bali 200hr YTT



“I’m very happy that I choose to do the training with It’s Yoga Satellite. I’m very impressed about your knowledge and I really like you all as teachers. I liked that I’ve learned so much during these weeks that I might not have learned from other programs. I feel more motivation to learn more and continue to practise at home and to share the good of yoga with others. The most challenging was to just do yoga, and not do other workouts as my body is used to. I really like that I’ve learned to jump through, I’m still working on jumping back. I tried for almost 3 years and here, finally with you explaining it, I could do it 🙂 I want to thank you all and I hope I will be able to practice with you again!”

Eva Erickson,
July Bali 200hr YTT


“I loved my time with Ricardo and Joy. They were great teachers. Even though English is their second language they managed to explain everything clearly and carefully. They have a great positive, and caring energy, and they work very well together. They helped me find my inner yoga teaching voice and they me let go of my expectations of yoga and what it should look like. My main goal was to make sure I was practicing Yoga safely and it has been accomplished. Thank you to Joy and Ricardo for all their effort. I look forward to practicing with them in the future. Hannah and Bri were also always helpful and always there to listen and accommodate your needs. Thank you for all your positive energy!”

Juliana Gobel,
July Bali 200hr YTT


“This training was amazing. Joy, Ricardo, and the whole team are the best you could ask for. I’ve learnt so much about myself and my body and of course, teaching! They really help to make sure you are prepared and confident to take your practice further. I would definitely recommend training with It’s Yoga Satellite. Thank you, Joy and Ricardo :)”

Amy Taylor,
July Bali 200hr YTT


“This has been an amazing all around experience…with the beautiful beaches of Bali as the backdrop for this course. The challenges were many. Learning to breath through difficult asanas and our own frustrations but the benefits are countless. This course has provided me with a safe place to gain personal insight and peace, to work through challenging poses and to push my limits that are loved mostly by fear of failing, and to spend 3 weeks with some truly amazing, kind, intelligent, and caring people. This course has provided the perfect opportunity for me to reground myself, gain confidence in my practice and my ability to teach, and to learn from some amazing people. I am so grateful for this experience. Namaste”

Katie Denny,
July Bali 200hr YTT


“Amazing mind, body, and soul alignment. I feel confident in my skills and practice. Physical asana practice daily was challenging to my mind”

Melissa Willgress,
July Bali 200hr YTT



“I loved the setting by the beach. I liked Joy and Ricardo’s cute, caring, and kind presence. They are so lovely and kind. Within 3 weeks I went from a tight, medium, average, energetic person to one that increased vitality and plus having a stronger, and healthier, feeling body. It was challenging but totally worth all the benefits gained to move forward in life. I will always be grateful for them helping me open up my throat chakra. It was much needed.”

Marsha Faires,
July Bali 200hr YTT


“I enjoyed it a lot and feel like I have progressed in many ways along increasing my knowledge of Yoga. I feel more confident to teach. The most challenging for me was the mind control during meditation practice and getting over the frustration and difficulties of postures (more mentally) when I strained my hamstring. Thank you for your guidance”

Sally Miller,
July Bali 200hr YTT


“I have enjoyed this course a lot in many ways, good and not so good. Definitely, it has helped me to become more aware of the present moment, of myself. Since I decided to take this course the challenge began and the feelings, the experiences, the emotions that have arisen within me during these days will stay present for my whole life, I hope 🙂 Thinking about working as a yoga teacher is still a bit of a challenge, however, I want to give it a try.”

Inmaculada Rodriguez Gody,
July Bali 200hr YTT


“I like that we had different sequences throughout the training like Rocket, MPS, and the full primary series. For me, it was very important to know exactly how to do asanas and how to adjust students. It was very interesting and necessary to get to know Yoga history and the difference between Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga etc. The most challenging was to understand the language. I liked that we talked about the chakras, pranayama, and Nauli Kriya. To let go of my negative thoughts to the ocean and to recognize my dreams. The teachers are so positive and helpful, perfect people to teach Yoga. Thank you!”

July Bali 200hr YTT


This training was something I’ve been thinking about doing for the last few years. I’m so pleased I took the steps to come here; It’s been one of the best experiences of my life. It has taught me to delve into myself and I have learnt more than just how to teach a yoga sequence. Ricardo, and Joy are fantastic teachers, along with Hannah and Bri who provided so much support along the way. It feels like a wonderful accomplishment to “be” a yoga teacher! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all four of you! Namaste.

Stephanie Matthews,
July Bali 200hr YTT


This has been the most enriching, fulfilling, and joyful experience of my life. I have grown to know myself, my strengths, and my weaknesses. My friends in yoga have become my friends for life. My greatest challenges were continuing the practice when the body was in pain and persevering through the practice when the body was exhausted. My inner flame is burning stronger than ever thanks to the great guidance Joy, Ricardo, Hannah, and Bri have given me. Thank you for everything. I am delighted to become a yoga teacher to keep the yoga flame burning by sharing my passion for the practice with everyone around me. I want to help the health and well-being of others for the rest of my life.

Gabriella White,
July Bali 200hr YTT


Taking this teacher training course was one of the greatest things I have ever done. The atmosphere created by the instructors was so accepting and kind that it made all students feel like a family. It was a challenging quest for me- from waking up every morning for the meditation and practice, to studying anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and Biomechanics of every asana, from learning about the roots of yoga, to understanding philosophy, and memorizing sanskrit names. But now, at the end of it I feel the beautiful sense of accomplishment. None of this would be so enjoyable, or even possible without the precise organization, ever-giving support, unmatched experience, and generous love from everyone involved. Thank you Ricardo, Joy, Hannah, and Bri for making me a stronger, better, person

Elena Voropay,
July Bali 200hr YTT


“I liked that the course emphasized teaching the yoga postures as well as deepening my own self-practice. The philosophy of the course is to teach from your own experience and Joy and Ricardo have loads of experience to share each day. It was a rigorous and joyful month in Bali and one I won’t soon forget. I am leaving feeling like I am ready to teach and more committed to my yoga practice than before. I have nothing but gratitude for Joy, Ricardo, Hannah, and Bri. They are a highly skilled and caring team. I will miss them!”

Aaron Hoose,
July Bali 200hr YTT


The It’s Yoga Satellite program provides expert teachers who guide you through the physical, intellectual, and spiritual commitments which are required if one hopes to become a yoga teacher. The wealth of knowledge provided has enabled me to become confident in my own asana practice, as well as the tools needed to become a great yoga teacher in the future. It is impossible to come away from an experience like this, shared with inspiring people from around the globe, without a certain shift in your soul. I highly recommend It’s Yoga Satelitte YTT for yoga rookies and yogi experts alike

Kimberly Kay,
July Bali 200hr YTT


For me this yoga training was so much more than just becoming certified. I feel as though the past 3 weeks have taught me more about myself than anything else. The knowledge presented was presented in a way that everyone can be successful, but in the the end….what you put into it, is what you get out! The most challenging part of the training was overcoming what my mind was telling me. My favorite part was learning about the energy in the body and relating this to everyday life. Thank you!

Genelle Eisele,
July Bali 200hr YTT


Wow! You know that feeling where you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone? Unfortunately, Joy, Ricardo, Bri, and Hannah can not be by my side and my teachers anymore. However, what I have learnt from them will forever be with me and the knowledge they provided me with has given me the ability to grow and learn and transform within my own self practice. The best part is I will continue to learn from myself and I am forever grateful for the past 3 incredible weeks. Now that it’s over, I realized I gained the world. Not only being able to teach Yoga but more importantly, being ready for the future and applying yoga to my everyday life. Thank you, thank you, Namaste.

Doreen Portnoy,
July Bali 200hr YTT


I decided to do an “Its Yoga” teacher training, because I was sure to gain a lot of knowledge, learn how to calm my mind and take my practice to the next level. Additionally because Joy and Ricardo were very helpful, welcoming and “down to earth” from the beginning.

The program was very intense and helped me to clearly understand the most important aspect of Ashtanga and yoga in itself. It was very well structured and the expectations towards the students were high. I appreciated the high quality and seriousness of the course, which prepares the students perfectly. This is the first time I took a teacher training and I felt very comfortable by retaining a lot of knowledge at the end. I am happy to have completed the training with Joy and Ricardo and am looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life as yoga teacher. My body and mind feel strong after a roller coaster ride of emotions, tiredness and many “ups and downs”. I am proud to have overcome my obstacles and very confidant to put my knowledge into practice now. Thank you very much Joy and Ricardo and keep up the good spirit !

Vivienne Dübbert


It was a great experience to join this 7 days workshop Rocket yoga retreat with kru Joy and Ricardo at koh Pa-ngan.
The practice was not only physical intense but mental strength was a big challenge for a Thai student to make it alone among foreign students.
My first 2 days were quite tough, but to explore a lot of new yoga asanas in a beautiful surrounding, to live peacefully in a different way of life and to embrace the friendly atmosphere of mixed culture, altogether made these 7 days became once, a memorable yoga experience in my life.

Pete Sodakul


Where to start? Choosing to come to Koh Phangan, Thailand and being able to train with such talented people like Joy, Ricardo and Hannah was truly a life changing experience. Along with amazing teachers guiding and supporting me, I was on a secluded part of the island trapped with amazing food and incredible beaches. This 200 hour yoga teacher training has transformed my practice and given me confidence to teach my first yoga class. Everything Joy and Ricardo choose to do is based off what they see in you, they accommodate their classes to ensure you get the most out of what is being taught. If your torn between whether or not to take the leap of faith and further your knowledge of yoga with It’s Yoga, just do it 🙂 You will not regret it!

Liz Gashler


Ricardo and Joy are a duo dynamic team! They are teachers of teachers.  I adore them and love their friendly and approachable personalities, on and off the mat.  Their teachings are sincere, methodical and educational. After spending 9 wonderful days in the 100-hr Advanced Rocket Teacher Training with them in Thailand, I walked away with a plethora of fun, safe and effective progressive techniques to build up to the more advanced and challenging postures. I am already sharing them with my students. The Rocket is now also a part of my personal practice, thanks to Ricardo and Joy’s influence.  If you need a little fun and more practical techniques in your practice, Ricardo and Joy can show you the way with the Rocket – «It’ll get you there faster».  The ocean and jungle setting for their training was also ideal and spectacular.

With Love & Gratitude,

Hang Nhan
Yoga Teacher
co-founder of saigon om


This training wholly transformed my understanding and relationship with yoga. Learning about yoga in its entirety and not just asanas, has fostered a new respect for all aspects of the practice. It really helped build a foundation for a strong, personal relationship with my self practice. I can’t thank Joy and Ricardo enough for their patience, guidance and inspiration. They are the most incredible teachers and I feel beyond lucky to have had the chance to study with them. Their knowledge is both deep and extensive and they have an amazing ability to connect with their students. They really challenged me mentally and physically and I feel so much stronger and confident in the potentials of my body/ mind. You can really sense the care and love that Joy and Ricardo bring to the training and invest in each and every one of their students.

Eunice Lee


I had an absolutely amazing time on my training with Ricardo, Joy and Hannah. Physically intense, and challenging but always delivered with happiness and patience. I learnt so much in terms of building up to challenging postures and am returning to London both inspired and excited about teaching. Ricardo and Joy are truly awe inspiring teachers and practitioners. Their dedication is quite magical and I cannot recommend training with them enough! Not only that, I was in a stunning location and met some wonderful fellow teachers whom I really hope to see again in the future. What is not to love?!!’

Elodie Frati  (Rocket Course)


This Training has improved my personal practice immeasurably, helping me to link my breath with the movement and find a form of meditation in my practice.
I feel my foundation is much stronger (breath, asana, drishty) and from this basis can share the knowledge with confidence to others. I am now aware about what is important for practice.
The most challenging thing for me was the weakness in my physical body. I wasn’t as strong as I would liked to maximize the physical benefit from this course. My physical condition required me to think very hard about my self- perception, why I do Yoga, and the benefits. I came to realize that where you are in the pose is irrelevant. It is about listening to your body and using pranayama, drishty, bandhas and vinyasa effectible

Deborah Knight


I am so happy to met all these amazing people, support and inspire each other. Joy and Ricardo are so amazing and inspired me a lot, they are knowledgeable, cute couple, I love them. After 24 days my body improved a lot in the right way and my mind is clearer. I feel ready to share this experience, I have been learn a lot.
Practicing with myself and learn from each other was the most challenging thing for me.

P.S. After I did the course, I don’t thinks it will be a day I live whit out Yoga

Thanks Joy and Ricardo
With love
Wanwisa Tubtimon


I really enjoyed the course and I am very grateful for the support of my teachers. It has given me so much more body awareness and help me move towards a more balance personal practice. The most challenging part for me was to work through my physical limitations of my injuries. I have come out of the course physically and mentally stronger and very exited to share my new practice with my students.

Tamara Tatarian


I recommend this to anyone whether you want to teach or not. The knowledge I have gained in this Training has changed my own practice. The improvements are shocking! Joy and Ricardo are super inspiring, know their stuff and are wonderful leaders and company. The confidence I have was always there, they helped uncover it. The most challenging part was trying new postures with no fear. It will all come together.

Katie Nix


The course was amazing very well laid out and never too much information at once, overwhelming us.
I enjoyed learning more about the history of Yoga and practicing a variety of sequences. My practice has improved since coming here a lot! My link between breath, drishty, movement is much stronger. The feeling of leading students through the sequence is awesome. The training of this was also done at a pace that was gradual and not overwhelming.
The most challenging for me was working on doing meditation as it is not something I regularly practice even when I know how important it is to one’s practice. Overall the Training was a great experience. I learned a lot of valuable information and all the foundation of teaching. I feel confidence and skillful from this course that I could teach a full classes.

Amber Killam


For me, it was a challenging time at the Teacher Training in Bali. Since the first week I had to deal with different diseases. So I wasn’t able to bring 100% at my practice as I usually do. To accept my boundaries and the pain in my body was really hard for me. But I have learned a lot from Joy and Ricardo to accept the moment and don’t be attached to the past and give my body time to heal again.
I never suggest that it would be so difficult to teach some one how to do the posture. That was for me the real challenge. But now I get this part managed and I am feeling good in my teaching.
Thanks to all for this impressive and intensive time.
It is changed me a lot

Marta Rumszauer


This teacher training was changed everything, changed the way I do my yoga, changed my understanding about yoga and more over.
This Teacher Training was very good for me.
I have a lot of knowledge after I joined it. I appreciated to It’s Yoga who gave me a chance to join this TT
I appreciated Joy and Ricardo who gave me a lot of very good techniques and taught me lot of theory of yoga.
I appreciated to myself, because I was able to follow all the instructions from Joy and Ricardo

Silvia Susilawaty


It was a great experience. I enjoyed a lot. Now I am looking forward to apply the things I learnt here in Bali.
I cannot wait to start my daily practice at home and start teaching. After this course I really feel confident that I can start teaching yoga.
I really enjoyed that Joy and Ricardo were so open and loved to share their own experience with us.
I am looking forward to more and deeper Yoga experiences. The journey just started.
Thank You Joy and Ricardo

Regina Köstler


This Training met my personal goal “To bring my practice to a new (and higher) level. Beyond the physical, it is opened up my spiritual path, giving me direction and inspiration for my life from this point on.
Thank you very much

Jacquelyn Elliot


One of my main objectives for this training was building a personal practice and received all the information and motivation to do it. I liked to get into details in every single posture work together to get the benefits out of it. I learnt how to engage my muscles and protect my joints. This course thought me how to pay attention to my breathing above all.
I developed more mindfulness and awareness, I feel more connected to my breath and my body, and of course I feel stronger and I started to work in my weaknesses.
I like teaching and sharing my point of view of yoga, and I feel that every time I teach I learn more and more, and every time I practice I learn something to apply as a teacher.
I feel comfortable at teaching, but maybe the most challenging part is to balance instruction and silence and never forget the breathing instructions

Velentina Torricelli


I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of this teacher training. It was surpassed all my expectations. Upon reflection, I can see how much I have learnt and grown over the pas fourth weeks. Each staff member’s role has been vital in making this teaching program possible. The way the classes, exercises, homework and demonstrations have carried out have really supported my learning.
Thank you sincerely for everything

Leah Davies


I liked to share and heard the opinions in the class from our classmate. I like that now I understand yoga better. I have less fear inside of me.
As Yoga Teacher, I feel that I am grateful to be able to pass my knowledge to others even if it is just so little. I feel that I have accomplished a great knowledge in such a short time.
The most challenging part was to patient and be with my breathing through the practice.

Natalie Supasakorn


I liked the teaching, philosophy and theory; all of them were focus on the understanding of Yoga, not only in the asana.
Amporn Davies


I liked that I was able to concentrated within myself and the way the teacher taught. They teach the practitioner how they can take care of their own body, not to much pushing, feeling relaxing and peaceful.
I was be able to learnt about the breathing even more, so my body can feel more lighter and more concentrate within the body and mind when I practice and when I teach.



I gained more knowledge about asana, regarding to the main important areas in the body, to be able to practice with safety and to be able to reach the highest potential in each body, however more than that I felt that I have been plating the seed of a deep understanding in yoga, much more than before and more than just asana, which is, become a very big inspiration and support myself to continue to walking in this path with more confidence.
During the teacher Training I got a chance to re-think and recognize my actions in the past as a Yoga Teacher, I was able to see what I has been missing, including the knowledge that we can gain from self practice and practice teaching. Is help me to figure out everything in the right direction

Supasinee Krisnaraksa


When I came to this Training my body was tire and stiff after working eight months in a cruise. I had never practicing Ashtanga Yoga before. So it was a challenging for me, but I wanted to do it, I wanted to learn and become a Yoga Instructor. The beginning was tough, but I tried to stay positive. During the second week I felt like a long process and the third week I saw and realized that I could actually start to teach others. We did a lot partner teaching practice (in many different forms), this helps me to gain the confidence, and you will eventually realize that all the answer coming from your own practice.
The most challenging part for me was to be on middle of people who are already so good doing yoga and trying to keep up with them. It was frustrating too see myself so far behind from everybody else. The way the classes are built up made feel that I can do it.
I am so happy that I came here.

Maria Mingur


The Thing I liked and inspired me the most was the deep, truthful knowledge and how humble the teachers were. The high quality as a human beings without any impose dogmatic idea.
Their generosity and how opened they were in shared all the knowledge base on their own personal experience was amazing.
For me knowledge without devotion is impossible to gain
Is because of this I would like to say: Thanks, thanks, thanks

Vega Bravo


Its Yoga Teacher Training is one of the best things I have done for myself. I came to the training with the intention of deepening my own practice, not just gain a teaching done. I have learnt so much about myself and now I can and I want to share all of my knowledge with the world
It is a fantastic meeting, so many from al over the world to share such an amazing experience.
Although is can be at times physically demanding, I learnt to listen to what my body was telling me.

Danielle Loxton


I absolutely love my YTT with Joy, Ricardo and Derik. It has been one of the best experiences for me personally and physically. I have learnt so much about Yoga, my life, my practice and myself.
The things I love the most was how comfortable felt about being able to share anything I wanted without anything being wrong . Joy and Ricardo make me feel, confident, comfortable and take care of.
The teaching techniques are very good and help me to feel very confident and happy with the knowledge I gain.
I really enjoyed discussing the Yamas and also writing my dream and fears and talking them to the ocean, this was really nice. I would have loved to learn more about eight limbs and Yoga Sutras in my own time.
The most challenging thing was the practices each morning, because my body began to feel very sore! But this was also the most rewarding thing as I have seen and felt so many improvements
Thank you so much

Lucy Morgan


I gained lot of knowledge in both practice and theory which are very valuable for me in my own personal growth as a yogi. The three teacher we had they were a very great humans beings, they shared with us all the knowledge without any restriction. For me there was not “but”, in the other hand everything was great, the weather, everything.
The most challenging part for me was worked with all my injuries and tensions.

Julio Alvarez Torres


I loved The Training so much, regarding to all the knowledge I gained and the improvement in the asana practice. I felt very fortunate to be able to learn from teacher who are very knowledgeable, generous and with a sharp capacity to discern between what is important and essential for the practice. This will be and inspirational training for everybody.
Lourdes de La Cruz Romero

Alicia huber

This Has been one of the most amazing experiences for me,. I have learned a lot about myself and yoga. I was very overwhelmed coming and knowing we had a lot to learn in such a short time, but it wasn´t at all. The teachers are the best!!!!, they made learning easy and fun, you both brought life to the class.

I enjoyed every moment with the two of you. I’m very lucky to have had you as my teachers and now as a friend. Anybody who takes this course and has you two as a teacher is a great blessing. The course was challenging, but fun worth every minute of it.
Alicia Huber

Annick Cuvelier

I was very lucky and so grateful to have done my Ashtanga teacher training with Joy and Ricardo. They are such wonderful teachers who are very passionate about their yoga practise and this way, they are sharing their love and devotion for the practise with us students. They both have a broad experience and knowledge about all aspects of yoga: asana, anatomy, meditation, philosophy, teaching skills,… They do not only teach us, but they are also living yoga. I could not have imagined being ready for teaching when I started the training, but at the end I really felt ready to teach and I feel I have enough confidence to start. Ricardo and Joy were guiding us with a lot of patience and they were able to get the most out of us, respecting our limits and physical boundaries. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, you can follow the teacher training with Joy and Ricardo. It is the nicest gift you can offer yourself.
Annick Cuvelier

Carrie Jensen

I want a Teacher Training program that would leave m feeling physically prepared and confident in my knowledge of yoga.
Joy and Ricardo more than delivered, I would recommend this program to anyone interested in teaching Yoga. I was both mentally and physically challenged, and left the program feeling more inspire about my own practice and the opportunity to share yoga with others.

Thanks you guys
Carrie Jensen

Dana Scheneider

Joy and Ricardo are wonderful teachers. They are kind and compassionate as well as very knowledgeable and inspiring. They come to class everyday with a positive attitude and ready to teach, the curriculum of Its Yoga is very good, it balance physical practice, meditation, history, philosophy, proper alignment and personal growth as well. I would recommend Joy and Ricardo with out hesitation. They are awesome you will not regret learning from them
Dana Schneider

Eryka Dwi Surya Purnama

This Yoga Teacher training has been a physical and spiritual journey. Joy and Ricardo taught a lot about technical also mental aspect as a yogis. Thanks for Joy and Ricardo for sharing the love and compassion through this yoga teacher training, hopefully I can pay forward to share the knowledge to others.
Eryka Dwi Surya Purnama

Jen Lem

Its Yoga Training was a great experience for me on Teacher Training. I came here with no expectations, but never expect it to find the place so hard to deal with, only after the first week, I slowly began to adapt after the first week.
Joy and Ricardo were great and patient. Not only do they extend their assistance in class, they have also the influence me in many positive ways.

If you ever have a chance to practice under their guidance, I strongly encourage people out there to do so.
Jen Lem

Jhon Peterson

I think words can describe my respect & gratitude for Ricardo, Joy and Hannah. I have a lot of appreciation for your teaching style. I enjoy how all three teach & live by example. Thank you so much for all the wisdom, love & support, showed from the first day
John Peterson


This 3 weeks were full of knowledge, meting new people, learning about ourselves, you can go to a different part of the world and the real you is still there. Important journey for me, learning a lot everyday, in new environment, new people, different language, but I managed it! Teacher are the best!, didn’t expect such a warm hearts!, ready to help us every minute, even if the problem was not connected to yoga .
I really appreciate that approach, I felt acceptance of the group which is the most important and welcome part of all.
Ricardo, Joy and Hannah, always stay in my heart as very warm experience (also with hot weather)

Thanks for everything!
Katarina Hočevar

lotte Ghyssaert

I feel very lucky to have experienced my first yoga teacher training with Joy and Ricardo. They teach from the heart with a lot of knowledge about the yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced yogi, they encourage you to push your physical and mental boundaries but still stay very much in touch with yourself.
Lotte Ghyssaert

Olaf Gunkel

Fantastic Journey through Yoga during November 2013 Trainng. Joy and Ricardo created a lot of awareness in me related to yogic matters.
The way they teach is very professional and you are able to link theory with practice quite well.

I really like the asana adjustment and tips during the practice help me a lot. You both made me go deeper down the road of yoga

I want more I´m “Hooked”
Olaf Gunkel

Paty Guzman Ordoñez

I enjoyed the experience a lot, I felt as a beginner I had a big improvement in such a short period of time, I learned a lot, the program is very complete, it will give you a strong base as a teacher, I still have a lot to learn, but the 200Hr are a very good foundation. The teachers are excellent, they are skillful in the way they teach, and always have a very nice attitude. Hannah always support us in every way she can. I left the training very happy, because I had such a good experience.

Riacardo, Joy and Hannah Thanks a lot
Paty Gusman Ordoñez

Sacha Vermeulen

I enjoyed the Yoga Teacher Training a lot. Its was a luxury for me to focus only on this training. After bussy years of raising children, living in China, expanding our company, I haven’t time for myself.
By practicing yoga a intense as in this training. I quickly discovered my weak points in my body and emotionally. It made me stronger in many ways.
Joy and Ricardo are excellent teachers, with a wide knowledge of postures. I learned a lot and was able to adjust my own practice.
They know because they talked from their own experience.
I’m looking forward to teaching Ashtanga Yoga in Holland as soon as I move back, and pass on my knowledge and understanding of yoga
Sacha Vermeulen

Mark Carle

My former yoga teacher in US said I couldn’t do it. My ageing, 60 yr old runners knees voted against it; I had my doubts too.

Challenging? Hell yes!
Hard work? Of course!
Mind blowing? Oh yeah!
Fun? You bet!
Do-able? Done!
Ricardo & Joy great teachers? Definitely!

Ricardo and Joy believed in me, they inspired me and taught me in a way that anyone can learn.

End result? I am practicing Ashtanga Yoga daily. Teaching 3-4 days per week and loving every moment.
I’m more fit and happier than at any time in my life.

Ricardo and Joy empowered me to believe in myself and now I am, what others said I couldn’t become, a certified Ashtanga teacher.

Thank you, Ricardo and Joy.
Mark Carle

Derik Ramirez

The teacher training was way above my expectations, I’m glad I made the effort to signup. Joy and Ricardo both taught with a lot of dedication and it was obvious the years of practice and effort they’ve put into it. They were very supportive, and I don’t know how they manage to be aware of everyone in such a caring way.

I’m very grateful for all the knowledge and experience I acquired. I sign up thinking that I was just doing the teacher training for my self practice and to expand my knowledge of yoga, but not really thinking that i was going to teach after. But at the end I was so inspired by both of them that my plans changed and I’m currently teaching on a regular basis, trying to share everything I learned on the teacher training.

Derik Ramirez


Teacher Joy and Ricardo are two of the most inspiring teachers I have had through my whole yoga journey.. They are very encouraging and wise. I personally highly recommend being trained under teacher Joy and teacher Ricardo. Through the training, you will see how devoted these two yoga practitioners are, to train and make exhalent yoga instructors! Not only will they deepen your practice with the physical side of yoga but also the spiritual side of yoga. The training they give will be very transformative, challenging and fun! They have a very inspiring love for each other and a deep understanding of our world and life.

Bri Manglapus

Clare Dowding

Joy and Ricardo are amazing teachers! They are not only skilled and knowledgable, but they have wisdom beyond their years. Personally the 200hr TT was a huge milestone for me and one that tested both my physical and mental ability. With their patience, guidance, love and support I completed the training and have a new found confidence, a skill I am still excited to learn more about and develop further and have a very different outlook on the world around me.

They are truly two of the most beautiful people I have been blessed to meet and not only did I walk awAy from my training with my certificate in hand I also have found solid friends in these wonderful people.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Be prepared the training will test you and challenge you and it will also change you.

Clare Dowding


After studying with Joy and Ricardo I now teach with much more assurance and credibility. My own practice has also been moved to a new, higher level.

The “It’s Yoga” model they follow is excellent and they are genuine and dedicated yoga teachers, who do what they love and love what they do.

Of course, I am biased because Joy and Ricardo are now my friends and I thoroughly recommend anyone to study with and become friends with these guys too.

Gary Davis

Laura Melgueira

My 200 hr TT with Joy & Ricardo was simply the best experience of my life so far. They turned me into a confident yoga teacher without me even noticing. Prior to the training I was nervous and worried that I may not have a teaching voice or what it takes to lead a class. No matter your level or inhibitions Joy and Ricardo support you every step of the way, they guide you and show you just how to find your natural way. They show you all the tools that are already within yourself. Ecouraging you consistently through inner transformations. For me it wasn’t ‘just a Teacher training’ it was so much more…. they take you on a journey surrounded by wonderful people, you find yourself and how to be a great teacher!!! simply the best of the best! 1000% recommended whether you want to teach or not.

Laura Melgueira


Joy & Ricardo’s teacher training course was awesome! The two of them produce such energetic synergies that shine through in their teaching styles. They are complimentary partners who were able to share their heart-felt experiences with those of us who were students. More importantly, they did not try to force us beyond our limits, nor cast a shadow over our abilities during our asana practice.

Their Teacher Training truly helped deepen my practice from within. I grateful for their encouragement and belief in my inner teacher, and thank them for helping me find my own voice.

I continue to be reminded of the benefits of the practice and the Teacher Training each day as I embrace motherhood. I truly believe my baby has also reaped the benefits of my training as I was in the best shape of my life when I conceived!

Judy Wong


This Training has truly been a life changing experiences. I am now so aware of both my body and mid and have learnt things about myself that I would have never without doing this training.

Whilst I am now physically stronger, and more pound of how much stronger I am mentally. The most challenging part was listening to my inner voice and teaching myself how to be my Inner Teacher.

This course has changed my life for the better and I am so Thankful to Its Yoga especially for Joy and Ricardo


Kimmy Wood


I like the training so much in all level. Humans (Groups and Teachers) , The condense the challenge and the structure and the structure of the topics very series and very pedagogy.

I love you guys with all my heart because you generosity and all the passion that you puts when you teach. I feel how many new seed start to grow inside of me. I don’t have any doubt that all the things you been share with me…its going to be with me all my life.

I feel very good and happy because I’m going to be able to share yoga with my heart and humbleness. The most challenging part ? I don’t know everything was a pressure for me. I know that is some posture I need to work on it but its ok…

Thanks for everything, keep in touch one hug for each of you.

Andy Bouchier

I took teacher training with Ricardo and Joy in April 2013 in Thailand. I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada and I am 33 years old. I had an idea it was going to be intense and I was surprised how fun and rewarding the experience was. They broke everything down into manageable steps. I did a lot of postures/asanas such as handstand, tripod headstand, pincha that I never attempted or dreamed was possible with a naturally inflexible big guy like myself. I came in at 6’2 272lbs and after the training I was 254 lbs. Ricardo and Joy allow you to teach yourself and find passion in your daily self practice. They give so many countless tips to accommodate what each individual is struggling in.

You will also make like minded friends around the world. Now I am a lot more flexible and stronger and I have almost lost 50 pounds now. Their experience, knowledge and passion shines through their teaching. I would jump at the chance to train with them again 10/10 stars, I can’t recommend them enough. If you are lucky enough to get them as teachers you will not regret it!

Andy Bouchier


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