Thailand, Bangkok 200Hr YTT June & September 2014

  • It’s Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hrs ; June & September 2014
  • Location : Bangkok, Thailand @ The Inhala Bangkok
  • Date: 7 June -28 Sep.2014 (This course will be taught in a weekend format, Sat & Sunday)

This is a Thai language Program that we going offer as a first time from It’s Yoga system and it is 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training , Yoga Alliance Accredited. The training will be held in one of the most beautiful Yoga Shala in Bangkok, The Inhala in Bangkok, Thailand. This course will be learning only on the weekend Sat & Sunday.

Our Yoga teacher Training is life changing experience. In these 200 hours of training you will find a lot of thing that challenge your body and mind. To become a Yoga Teacher underneath It’s Yoga Certified one thing you need to do is love your practice, because that’s how we believe it’s the way to be a good Yoga Teacher and you will never stop learning even after you finished the course.

During the course you will have a great opportunity to find your voice and learn many technique on how to teach and rise your practice to the next level.

Thailand’s environment full of nature and beautiful culture will support all this process of learning and deep transformation, you will find yourself purifying your body and mind.

Let’s train with us and enjoy a paradise like Thailand. Good food and you great team of trainers who will support you through all the journey. Become High quality Yoga Teacher with us.

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This special offer is only available for the first 5 students who make the full payment.

Price :

  • The Regular Price of the course : 79,000 Baht. last day to make the full payment is 15/5/2014.

Your fee includes:

  • Quality 200 hours teacher training course, This course will be taught only on the weekends, Sat & Sunday
  • 3 It’s Yoga Ashtanga Manual and chanting CD, Primary series DVD, Its yoga Manuals
  • It’s Yoga certificate, 200 Hours Yoga Alliance accredited
  • Two fully accredited instructors teaching full time, Its yoga Teacher Trainer who has E-RYT from Yoga Alliance.
  • One yoga assistant ,who has experience of Teacher Training and Full time Teaching.

Teacher Training Daily Program
( time table can change depending on location and external factors)

6.30-7.00Meditation/ Self Realization
7.00-8.30First Practice / Mysore
8.30-9.00Nuali Kriya/ Pranayama
9.00-10.30Lead Class/ Asana technique.
10.30-12.30Brunch/ Free time
12.30-14.30Theory/ Yoga Philosophy/ Anatomy
14.30-16.30Learn How to teach / Asana / Adjustment
16.30-18.30Last Practice of the Day Follow It's Yoga System.


Payments are processed through Paypal, using your own credit card, no need to have Paypal account.
A 800 $ deposit is required to reserve your spot in the training. This deposit is non-refundable, however can be post-pone to another training or retreat in our program for one year.
Last day of full payment, must be completed before 15 May 2014.
Whats not included:

  • Flights and Transfers.
  • Accommodation & Meals.

Take into account:

  • A 800 $ deposit is required to reserve your spot in the training,reserve your spot asap our course filling up quickly. This deposit is non-refundable.
  • The Rest of the total amount will be discounted from your deposit , the full payment will depend on the date of your payment, last day of the full payment must be completed before 15 May 2014.
  • Please make sure you also pay for the transfer fee. Check with PayPal or the Bank company you will like to use

Come and join us!

Follow your Dream become a Yoga Teacher.

Make sure you reserve your space, making Payment through Paypal

It’s Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hrs ; June & September 2014

No refund on any payment.

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