Thailand Yin Yoga Immersion October 2014

  • Yin Yoga Immersion ; October 2014
  • Location : The Inhala Koh Phagang,Thailand
  • Date: 27th-30th October 2014
  • Taught By: Lek Kittikunadul

“Yin Style” or “Yin Yoga” is a yoga that is mainly about calmness, stillness, passive movement, concentration and mind focusing on the different feelings that happened in your body at that moment. In additional, the important of connective tissue by each posture need to remain at least 3-5 minutes in order to make the body more adjustable, relax and more flexible. The benefits that you will experience is the lightness of your body due to fascia system in our body releases it’s tension. This will make your body more flexible in safe way. Until you harmonies your body and mind daily, finally. Furthermore, you will get the experience the taste of how powerful is Yin Yoga, in the different point of view that you might never knew before in your life.

Key studies “Yin Yoga Immersion”

Focusing and deepening the knowledge and understanding details in depth of Yin Yoga, By having clear understanding of the principle and theory will help you bring Yin Yoga in to your teacher in a right way. Aiming on exploration Yin’s asanas. Emphasis on understanding of connective tissue and fascia system. Learn the Tradition Chinese Medicine view on meridian line and it’s energy passage that can bring balance and harmony back into the body’s system.

The study is also suitable for yoga teacher who would like to increase the acknowledgment and understanding about Yin Yoga. Moreover, this is a method that will make you know more about another way of practicing yoga.

Yin Yoga Immersion Study includes:

  • Philosophy and theory about Yin and Yang
  • Yin Yoga’s History and Benefits
  • Yin Yoga principle, practice and adjustment
  • How to sequencing in Yin Yoga
  • The importance of Connective Tissue
  • Technique and Lecture on, how to introduce yin yoga in to and the implementation
  • Basic theroy about connection of meridian in Chinese Traditional and Yin Yoga


  • This is an Immersion course not teacher training. There will not be giving a certificate.
  • This is suitable for all level practitioner.
  • Applicant need to have Yoga experience and some anatomy knowledge


9.00-10.00Lecture by Kroo Lek part 1
13.30-15.30Lecture by Kroo Lek part 2

During 4 days of learning you will have a great opportunity to find your self connection and learn many technique on how to relax the body and deeply relaxing the mind and rise your practice to the next level.

Thailand’s environment full of nature and beautiful beaches will support all this process of learning and deep transformation, you will find yourself purifying your body and mind.

Let’s train with us and enjoy a paradise like Thailand. Good food and beautiful beach of Thailand. This 4 days will be great Holiday for you.

Super Special offer! Free Accommodation and 100USD Discount for students who make full payment before 30th Sep 2014

This special offer is only available for students who make the full payment before 30th Sep 2014.

Price :

  • The Regular Price of the course : 550 USD. last day to make the full payment is 15/10/2014.
  • Supper Special: Free Accommodation(Dorm Style) & Early Bird : 100 USD for the students that make full payment before 30/09/2014.

Your fee includes:

  • Accommodation, dorm style, for the students who making the full payment before 30/9/2014

Yin Yoga Immersion ; October 2014

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No refund on any payment.

Yin Yoga 4 Days Immersion


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