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104The Yogi Club is a community of yoga practitioners who pay attention in take care of Yama (Ethical Observation) and Niyamas (Self observation) and also use the practice of meditation to increase their own level of awareness not only in their asana practice also in their daily life.

 Our community focus in share the love of the practice with others, having mindfulness as the main idea in the way they teach.

 The combination between a consistent practice of meditation and asana practice is going to help you to understand the true nature of the human being (suffering, impermanence and non-self), this will help you to awake more compassion, kindness, love toward yourself and towards others and forgiveness.

 We pay lot of attention in practice yoga on and of the mat, bringing what you learn in your asana practice and meditation to you environment, in this way you can create more harmony in your life.

 When you can apply mindfulness to your life something interesting will happen, you will find more calmness in every single aspect of your life, given your self the opportunity accept whatever life want to show you and at the same time not to be attach to anything, allowing your to observe the reactions creating in your mind as a result of the interaction between your self and the ambient around you.

 Come to join us and start your own journey of mindfulness.


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