Marichyasana D Technique

​In Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Marichyasana D is one of the core poses or gateway postures of the seated sequence. The Ashtanga practice is organized in a progressive manner, such that whatever asana you practiced will build the proper foundation for whatever asana is coming next in the sequence. ​Marichyasana D requires flexibility in three main areas:

Different Types of Movements and Their Importance

  Asana practices such as Ashtanga and Rocket Yoga are combinations of different types of movements that allow the body to move through the sequences with ease, focus, and balance. In these sequences, each pose is held in stillness for 5 breaths at a time, and slow movements are done to transition in and out

Rocket Gets You There Faster

The Rocket sequences are dynamic routines structured by Larry Schultz, which are based on the traditional methods of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga — The Rocket practice differs in the order of the asanas, and its faster tempo. Larry began teaching Ashtanga in San Francisco Bay, where he noticed that most of the practitioners there could not

The Power of Ashtanga Yoga

The practice of the Ashtanga Yoga method is a constant process that allows one to work on deepening one’s mind and body. On a physical level, practicing a fixed sequence progressively opens the body — for example, the Ashtanga Primary Series helps open up the hamstrings, hips, and lower back. And as the back gets

Garbha Pindasana Useful Tips

Garbha Pindasana is one of the core or gateway postures in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, along with Marichyasana D, Supra Kurmasana, and Bad Konasana. Each of these asanas challenges one’s strength and flexibility, especially one’s ability to externally rotate the hips. If you are familiar with Garbha Pindasana, you will notice that when the

How To Approach your Practice

In the past six years of leading yoga teacher trainings, we have witnessed the incredible transformation of many students — from not even knowing how to practice to developing a deep understanding of their bodies and minds. It is important to keep in mind that although the benefits of yoga comes with consistent practice, the

Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana Tips

​This hip-opener requires an ability to externally rotate the hip of the bent leg, as well as the flexibility of the hamstring and lower back of the extended leg to be able to fold forward in this pose. ​When you get into this asana, it is important that your hips are flexible enough to avoid

Tips for New Yoga Teachers

As a new yoga teacher fresh out of yoga teacher training, it is normal for one to feel anxiety before teaching a first class, as the mind can be very good at anticipating the worst things that could happen. If we allow our mind to get ahead of us, and we don’t learn to calm

Standing Postures Principles

  In Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Rocket Yoga practice, the standing asanas are practiced after Sun Salutations. In order to facilitate your practice in this section of the sequence, there are some general principles that you must apply. In standing sequence, we can group the postures as symmetric and asymmetric. Asanas like Padangusthasana and Padahastansana

Fundamentos de las posturas de Pie

  En Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga y Rocket Yoga las posturas de pie son practicadas luego de los Saludos al Sol. Con la finalidad de facilitar la practica de las posturas de pie, existen una serie de principios generales que te puede ayudar tremendamente a practicar de manera mucho más eficiente, adicionalmente esta forma de practicar


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