About Bali

Bali is a small Island in Indonesia surrounded by a few smaller neighboring islands. Although Indonesia is predominantly Muslim, Balinese culture was strongly influence by Hindu culture, and Hinduism is the main religion.
Bali is famous as a tourist destination, with a relaxed island lifestyle. It is surrounded by coral reef, perfect for scuba diving and surfing. You can find some of the most famous beaches in the world like Uluwatu and Keramas here on the Island. There are also a number of mountains over 3,000 meter in elevation, the highest is Mount Agung (3,031 m) known as the “mother mountain” which is an active volcano.

The weather is tropical with a strong rainy season from November to mid January, the rest of the year is mainly sunny with some occasional rains.
The principal languages are Balinese and Indonesian, however most of the population speaks English.
Bali is renowned for its diverse and sophisticated art forms, such as painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handicrafts, and performing arts. Balinese cuisine is also distinctive and Balinese percussion orchestra music, known as gamelan, is highly developed and varied. Balinese performing arts often portray stories from Hindu epics such as the Ramayana but with heavy Balinese influence. Famous Balinese dances include pendet, legong, baris, topeng, barong, gong keybar, and kecak (the monkey dance)

VISA Requirements and Restrictions

The main airport Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport offers VISA on arrival for many different countries for 30 days, bellow you will find the details about this type of VISA

  • Entry via airport or seaport, including Bali.
  • Valid passport with 6-months remaining validity.
  • Two empty pages for immigration stamps.
  • For residents of most European countries, the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, China, Taiwan, and many others.
  • Valid for 30 days from date of arrival. Day 1 is your date of arrival.
  • Can be extended once. Visa services in Kuta and other areas will do it for around 450,000rp (37$)
  • $25USD cost. Bring exact change. There is no ATM in the visa/customs area.

Teacher Training Program dates:

What does the training location offer?


Ubud is one of the most important towns in Bali. This location offers a great mix between a strong Balinese culture and western culture. There are many options for you like live music, museum, trekking, walk between peaceful rice fields, shopping, and many locally made yoga products (books, mats, cloths and much more) and nice fabrics.
The food is amazing with a lot of organic and vegetarian food and also non- vegetarian options.
The ambience is a mix between nature and small city.
If you want to enjoy nature and at the same not be that far away from a simple city lifestyle, this is the right training location for you.
You have plenty of options of accommodation here, internet is available in most places and the energy and culture of the place is something worthwhile to feel and see.
Around the area there are many good massage shops, a fantastic relaxation after an intense yoga practice or just to treat your self and the price is very affordable.

Pondok Pitaya Hotel, Surf and Yoga

This hotel is located on the south west coast, the surf is amazing and the accommodation and facilities are outstanding.
If you like the idea to train at the beach and at the same be able to surf high quality waves, this is the right place for you! A great opportunity to combine surf and yoga together.
In this location we offer a single package where we include accommodation, food (twice a day) and yoga practice in an amazing ambience. Our intention is have the right atmosphere to promote a deep inner journey, and to support and facilitate the learning process.


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