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It’s Yoga Satellite was founded by Ricardo Martin and Kunkanit Phrombut ( Joy) in 2012 both are It’s Yoga Trainer and 500 E-RYT Yoga Alliance. Trained by Larry Schultz It’s Yoga Founder. It’s Yoga Satellite is a part of Its Yoga International( Original from the United State. Our Yoga School & Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand & Bali are supported by Yoga Alliance (


We offer Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand and Bali since 2012.

Our purpose is to disseminate high quality yoga instructors worldwide. We believe that yoga is a very powerful tool which encourages awareness. Awareness awakens positives qualities like love, kindness, compassion and empathy. That’s why having many yoga instructors globally is very important to us.

Our intention for practitioners is to increase positive energy, create a more harmonious environment, and invite peace and light into all aspects of life. Because we believe everything is interconnected, changing yourself and use your best potential will automatically change everything around you. Yoga can be accesible to everybody. During our Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand & Bali we will teach you how to accommodate different body types in your classes

The It’s Yoga Satellite Teacher Training Program will help students deepen their connection to self-practice in a supportive environment. By listening to the inner guide, all the knowledge you need to have as a practitioner and as a teacher will unfold in front of you. We believe the most inspirational yoga teachers’ share the love of the practice with their students from their own experience, according to their own understanding. This transformational process will evolve gradually throughout the course by practicing asana, paranayama, meditation, lectures in philosophy, how to apply yoga out of the mat and many other interesting topics.

Become a yoga teacher with us and make your dreams come true

See you in our the Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand & Bali

» Live Healthy is Your Choice ~ Live in Present is a Gift ~ Yoga is the Path» Kunkanit Phrombut (Joy)

«Find the light within you»
Ricardo Martin


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