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Ricardo Martin

 I started to practice Yoga almost 9 Years ago back in my home town in Venezuela, where I soon found this was something I wanted to pursue full time – loving what yoga was to me, and how I could share this with others. This lead to teaching 15 classes a week occasionally 20 – including Yoga for Kids ages 4-8 years old. This schedule still allowed me to keep my own practice consistent, 6 times during the week.

Rocket Yoga was the yoga style which first grabbed my heart, from where I moved on to Vinyasa Flow Yoga and after my Yoga Teacher Training with Larry Schultz, my practice locked on to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga exclusively.

In 2010 is when I took my Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Larry Schultz, 200HR YTT, and late in the same year attending a Rocket Teacher training Larry invited my to be his assistant teacher- supporting him during training in Thailand.

After returning home to Venezuela for a short while – it was clear my heart was in Thailand – so I returned in 2012 met my soul mate and yoga partner Kunkanit Phrombut, and we have together stared It’s Yoga Satellite (www.itsyogasatellite.com).

Together we have been leading more than 30 teachers training and graduated around 300 high quality Yoga Teachers in Bali and Thailand. Between our teacher trainings we lead workshops all around Asia and sporadically in Europe too. But also attend workshops and study as students acknowledging that yoga is a constant journey and to be a good teacher you must always strive to develop and keep up a self-practice – which we both do. A continuous self-practice is how we find more efficient ways to teach, to communicate and explain skills to our students.

We have been refining our teaching method, to have a method now allowing a student with a very limited experience to be and feel ready to teach after 22 days of intensive training (200HR). Our courses are suitable for beginners and advance students alike.

Vipassana meditation is also part of my practice, I have been practicing meditation during the last five years. Meditation practice is a key ingredient to understanding the subtle aspects of the practice, so we include this very much in our approach to the practice; so more than teaching asana we teach mindfulness of movements.

Reiki is also part of my daily routine, certified in 2011 Reiki Tere mai Seichem level 2 and have since been treating myself and others. I can feel the reiki practice helps to amplify the positives effects of the yoga Practice

Recently I added a 300Hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, in December 2014, giving me the designation of RYT- 500Hr with Yoga Alliance – building on my 9000+ hours of teaching and 1000+ hours of training.

Recently Joy and me started to offer Yoga Holiday in Bali

My vision as Yoga Teacher is share this beautiful path, awake the inner light in others to illuminate the path of their own journey.

Kunkanit Phrombut (Joy)

Joy was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1979. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Arts in 2000, and became a jewellery designer.

Joy began to practice yoga in 2005 and quickly realizes it was what she really wanted to do in life, so she continued her yoga journey, practiced and learned with many teachers around the world and studied many different styles of yoga to gain more knowledge and get deeper understanding of yoga.

Joy has studied in many different places and with many great teachers including:

-Ashtanga Yoga from R.Sharath Jois, Mysore India.

-Rocket Yoga from Larry Schutlz, Ricardo Martin and Donovan F Hicks,

-Iyengar Yoga from Justin Herold, Eka Pada Bakasana

-Anusara Yoga from Bo Srey,

-Hot Yoga from John Anderson and many teachers in Thailand.

-Yin Yoga from Claire Bostock and Gabriel Azoulay and many teachers in Thailand.

-Applied Yoga Anatomy course from Simon Borg Olivier.

Joy took her first Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2007 with Absolute Yoga Thailand, and obtained her 200 Hrs Hot Yoga teacher certification. Since then she has been inspiring and sharing her passion with all those who are interested.

In 2009, she travelled to the United States for 6 months to study with Doug Swenson, one of the famous Yoga teachers in the West. While there, she was also given the chance to be his Yoga Assistant for the The Yoga Conference Canada as well as many yoga workshops in the USA.

In 2010, she took another Yoga Teacher Training with Larry Schultz, the founder of It’s Yoga. This time it became a transformative step in her life. When she certifiled 200 Hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher under Larry Schultz, she began her career as a Trainer.

Since that time she has been a Trainer for It’s Yoga, and has conducted 5-6 Teacher trainings per year, plus many yoga retreats workshops and conferences. She and Ricardo Martin have been teaching and sharing their passion for yoga practice together. The two of them have taught and supported many Yoga Practitioners to be able to teach by heart and to get Certified from It’s Yoga and the International Yoga Alliance. Together they have helped bring forth many good quality yoga teachers throughout the world, and they continue to do so through their own company – It’s Yoga Bali. With their courses certified E-RYT 200 from Yoga Alliance, Joy is able to train and certify Yoga Teachers throughout the world.

Joy also practices Vippasana Meditation daily and always shares the meditation technique with her students to help them develop their yoga practice

Yoga Holiday in Bali is another way in how Joy can connect with students who want to go deeper into their practice without the commitment  to become a Yoga Teacher. Reaching and help as many students as possible is one of her main goals as Yoga Teacher

It shows you the truth of life, it give us the opportunity to see things clearly as they are, and to be able to let go

Bri Manglapus

Bri Manglapus is a yoga instructor from the Philippines. Growing up, she was very interested in martial arts and in all kinds of sports, but never stuck to one art itself. Suffering from insomnia since the age 12, she always wanted to do yoga knowing that it may help her sleep. She was 17 years old when she attended her first Ashtanga Yoga class, after her first class, she knew she has found the thing she was always looking for. She began her yoga journey in 2009, trying all different types of yoga such as Hatha, Hot yoga, power, flow, the one that really stuck was Ashtanga yoga and she became a devoted Ashtangi for the first 3 years of her practice. In 2011 she did her first basic teacher training in a small studio in the Philippines, after one year of teaching, she decided to take her yoga practice and teaching to the next level. In 2012 she travelled to Thailand to train under It’s yoga Thailand to complete her 200 hour training with Joy Kunkanit and Ricardo Martin. It was during her training with It’s yoga was she introduced to the powerful and playful practice of rocket yoga. It was love at first practice. In early 2013 she travelled back to Thailand to complete her 100-hour advanced Rocket Yoga certification under teachers: Jaime and Dulce of ‘The Yoga People’.

Continuing to find fulfillment to share the love of yoga, Bri is fond of giving classes full of energy and life, she aspires to help gain awareness of a healthy, balanced and spiritual lifestyle through the gift of yoga. Believing that every teacher has something different to teach you, she is happy to share this humbling practice.


    Derik Ramirez

    Born in Guatemala, Derik started doing yoga half a decade ago, complementing his Buddhist studies, in order to find a balance in his life. A former computer science engineer with a love for analytic thinking, he has put his dedication and heart into sharing what he has discovered in his learning process.

    After 4 years of disciplined practice and inspired by his teachers and friends in Guatemala and the US, he decided in 2013 to take his practice to the next level and completed his 200Hr certificate with Joy and Ricardo under the It’s Yoga System. Using meditation and yoga to generate a strong practice, his easy-going manner and search for freedom drives his yoga practice to be something fun and challenging. Always trying to expand his experience, he has studied under the guidance of many recognized yoga teachers, bringing always something fresh to share.

    Yoga has been a great teacher of patience, perseverance and self-acceptance. I’ve learn lots from my teachers and recognise there’s no way to repay their kindness, so I’ll do my best to share this knowledge and experience such as it is.
    Derik Ramirez.

      Supasinee Krisanaraksa (Nui)

        Born in Chiangmai, Thailand. Nui graduated from Chiangmai University with Bachelor Degree in Japanese language and another one year from Hokkaido University of Education.  She worked in a Japanese company as an interpreter for about 20 years.
      Nui started practicing Hot Yoga in 2007 but after 8 months she became attracted to Ashtanga vinyasa yoga after the very first time she practiced under the guidance of Matthew Sweeney. Her life has been changed since she began a daily self-practice of Ashtanga yoga since 2008.
      Having found it profoundly transformational and liberating in her own life, she made the decision to become a yoga teacher and completed her first Yoga Teacher Training Course in Hatha Vinyasa yoga with FIT (Fitness Innovations Thailand) in 2012.

      In 2013 to develop her self-practice, she had the opportunity to attend an one-month intensive course in 2013 with Matthew Sweeney.

      In 2014, she completed another 35Hrs Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Teacher Training Certificate with Ken Harakuma and obtained another 200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Joy and Ricardo under the It’s Yoga System.
      Her teaching is anchored in the style that ‘the breath guides the practice and connects the body and mind’ just as she has found in her own practice

        Jennifer Haase

          Jennifer, being active and involved in sports as a child Jennifer was looking for an alternative activity as she got older and began her journey by practicing yoga in college. After she graduated with her visual communications degree in 2011 she decided to follow her passion and went to Thailand to do her 200 hour teacher
        training with Joy and Ricardo through It’s Yoga. Jennifer had practiced all styles of yoga and fell in love with the Ashtanga practice because of its levels of difficulty and playfulness, Rocket was even better. Jennifer has studied all over the world, previously doing a 50 hour rocket training in Ubud, Bali with It’s Yoga (Joy and Ricardo) in March of 2014 and went on a yoga pilgrimage through India with Raghunath in October of 2014, Jennifer has been teaching in Traverse City at a studio called Yen Yoga for the last two years, she teaches all styles of yoga and pilates.

        I love yoga and the transformational effects it has on the mind, body, and soul, I just want to share this playful love with others through the ashtanga yoga practice.
        Jennifer Haase.

          Roberto Gomez

          Rober started his journey in to Yoga parallel to his dance career. He graduated in contemporary dance in 2005, in «Institut del Teatre i la Dansa» of Barcelona, Spain. He also join the «Rudra Bejart Lausane» in Switzerland & the postgraduate «IT Dansa» in Barcelona, Spain. Meanwhile he started attending to yoga studios in Barcelona, trying different styles ON and OFF. Taking what he could find useful for his studies & his moment in life.
          From 2007 till 2014 he was living in different countries in Europe, while working as a professional dancer in different companies like «Bonachela Dance Company»(U.K.), «Galili-Dance» (Holland), «Gelabert-Azzopardi» (Spain), «Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg» (Germany). Right now starting his freelancing career as guest artist in «Tanzcompagnie Mainz» (Germany) willing to combine dance with yoga formations and works.
          Rober started his own practice from 2012. It was a mix of Yoga & dance exercises/stretches that would help him to release his body and be ready for the next working day. That’s how slowly he found his need to break his career & attend to 200h Ashtanga Vinyasana Yoga in Thailand,(October 2014). He wanted to understand and get deeper in the knowledge of Yoga, and stop for a moment in his life to find a deeper search & better combination between dance & yoga. His goal is to continue improving as a human with both disciplines. Since then Rober tries to combine both disciplines, trying to melt this demanding trainings into one unite: his experience.


            36454Rei Yonezawa (Rei)

            Rei was raised in US for 11years during her childhood and then she moved back to her home country,Japan.She started her yoga practice 2005,when she began to feel aged and unshaped. For one month,she focused on practice yoga to become shaped,but as she practice deeply,she noticed yoga influences not only the body. Spiritually she felt peaceful inside her and be able to think clearly «who I am»»what I am»and»what’s my happiness».

            From then, she experienced various yoga style, Anusara, Hathayoga, vinyasa yoga,but mostly concentrated on the practice ashtanga vinyasa.2014,she completed 35hr AshtangaYoga intensive teacher training certificate and year of 2015,her yoga teacher suggested her to experience’ROCKET YOGA ‘that might enhance her practice.

            She abroad to Bali and participate 100hr Rocket yoga course to learn properly and deeply about Rocket Yoga.This is the first contact with Ricardo and Joy.More than she expected,the sequence of Rocketyoga was very new experience and stimulated physically strong and internally focused her.But more than anything, Rocket yoga was»FUN»!That was when she sparkle in her mind «want to popularize Rocket yoga in Japan»

            After the training, she went back to Japan and started to teach Rocket yoga and ashtanga right away. As she expected, the Rocket yoga attracted Japanese students.To deepen her teaching techniques and knowledge on Ashtanga yoga(and to question further more about Rocket yoga to Ricardo&Joy)she attended Ricardo and Joy’s it’s yoga satellite 200hr  yoga Teacher training base on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. After the Journey of Yoga training, she shared the practice to all levels of practitioners.

            She has a nickname named»SunRei»which meant to share a big smile like sunshine and love,wishing everyone to find happiness in all their lives.At her class, she provides some challenging posture to be able to concentrate oneself  physically/internally «observe yourself»and manage to»control your mind»

            As she too,continues her own yoga practice everyday.

            «Yoga build me stronger insideout. And participating in training and meeting people from all around the world widens perspectives.Its a great opportunity to learn and earn the wealth that’ll be available throughout your life.       SunRei»


            Isobelle Soriano - photo for website

            Isobelle Soriano

            Before discovering yoga, Isobelle (more fondly known as Bek) was constantly working in the Philippines as a Production Designer in a fast-paced industry, which led to a very unhealthy lifestyle of sleeplessness, and stress. Wanting to take a break from this part of her life, she put her career on hold and took a breather.

            Bek began her yoga journey back in January 2013, attending her first few classes as a New Years resolution to live a healthier lifestyle. Needless to say, Bek fell in love with yoga from the moment she got up from her first Savasana.

            After a year of consistent Ashtanga practice, she began to see and feel the remarkable changes yoga has brought to the overall quality of her life. Aside from wanting to deepen her self-practice, it was the desire to share yoga’s countless benefits to family and friends that made Bek want to become a yoga teacher.

            In July 2015, Bek completed her 200 Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Joy & Ricardo of It’s Yoga Satellite in Bali, Indonesia. This life-changing experience affirmed her to pursue a path towards a career in yoga. Not long after that, in November 2014, she reunited with her teachers in Phuket, Thailand for a 100 Hour Rocket Yoga Teacher Training.

            Currently back in the Philippines, Bek aspires to share her yoga practice and experience with as much people as possible, and to do so, too, when she travels around the world in the future, in hopes of spreading the love for yoga with purpose, patience, persistence, and practice.



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